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How to Finance a Last-Minute Holiday

Not everyone makes long-term plans for a holiday. Holiday decisions are often last-minute and very often prompted by circumstances such as seeing that fantastic deal on offer which really is super cheap. Super deals generally have to be paid for in full and there would still be the extra expense while away, visiting places of interest, eating out and buying souvenirs all add up very quickly. You also have to make allowance for all those bills that will be coming in while you are away.

There is no doubt that the holiday, however cheap is going to require extra cash that you may not have saved up for but you can still turn that dream into reality. Here’s how!

Unwanted Assets:

Have you got any unwanted assets that could be turned into cash? Clothing you may have grown out of, pieces of unrequired furniture, any household gadgets you don’t use can be turned into cash on platforms, such as eBay. It not only puts dollars into your bank account, it reduces household clutter as well.

Online Loans

Online loans are the easiest way to acquire cash as they are unsecured. This means that you don’t need to provide an asset back-up such as a property or shares as collateral. You will however, need a good credit rating. If this is a good descriptor of you, then you should have no problem in securing yourself with a quick and easy cash loan which can be organized within a few hours. You will need to decide how much time you need to pay this back.  Make sure that you select a term that enables you pay the loan back comfortably. The term you select will depend on your personal circumstances, so ensure that you draw up a realistic budget to work out the pay-back period

Get all the advice you can about how to carry the extra cash. Your lender may well be able to supply you with a visa or master card which has your loan loaded so that you don’t have to carry large amounts of cash with you.

Family and Friends:

You could also look to family and friends able to service your needs. Ensure that you have a definite plan on paper detailing the repayment terms and how frequently you would be making the repayments. Treat this with a degree of formality as you don’t want to lose the trust of people that you value in the long-term.


Your organization might also be open to providing you with a small loan at a nominal charge. Your firm would generally make an arrangement to deduct this amount from your net pay over an agreed period of time and you will be charged no interest.

So, don’t fret about where to get the money for that very desirable holiday. Draw up a solid budget, apply for a cash loan, and enjoy that well deserved holiday!



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