You Can Stop the Afraid of the Dark Fears with the Feelings Flashlight from Moodsters

Do you have a child that is afraid of what goes bump in the night? For a child being in the dark in their bedroom alone can be a scary thing.  With The Moodsters Feelings Flashlight, you may find this helpful in relieving those fears.

What is the Moodsters Flashlight you ask? It is a flashlight that will shine a light on feelings in an easy and fun way.  You can use it before bedtime and even nap time.  All you have to do is point the flashlight toward a ceiling or wall, and the Moodsters will appear magically! They offer wisdom and humor for every emotion.

moodsters feeling flashlight

Included with the flashlight is a 32 page, full-color storybook called “The Scary Sleepover”. The Moodsters is a first-of-its-kind brand.  It was created to entertain, enhance the social and emotional development of children, not to mention it will help educate.

The Moodsters’ stories and toys will teach easy strategies to build Emotional Intelligence (EQ) skills and social skills in young children.  Your child will learn that all feelings are okay because they just have to get to know them.

moodsters feeling flashlight

You will just love the five lovable detectives from the Moodsters.  Their names are Lolly, Snorf, Coz, Razzy and Quigly.  Their special sleuthing skills help children solve the mysteries of feelings.  Each of the five Moodsters embody a basic emotion that all children experience in their day to day life.  These emotions include happiness, anger, love, sadness and fear.  With the Moodsters’ engaging characters, stories and toys will teach your child how to voice their feelings and help them understand and help with their emotions.  These simple strategies will help your child handle the everyday challenges of growing up.

I wanted to include this very short video so you can hear what one of the voices sounds like.

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