Father’s Day Gifts: Affordable Tech Your Kids Can Get Dad

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When your husband is a self-proclaimed tech-geek, it’s a mixed blessing around gift-giving holidays like Father’s Day. Finding something he’d like is a cinch. All you have to do is open up Google to find a seemingly endless list of gadgets. It doesn’t matter how far away they have to travel; these gadgets are delivered straight to your door in a matter of days. There’s just one problem: many of the trendiest gizmos are expensive.

Take, for example, your hubby’s latest handset he just had to have, the iPhone X. At $999, the X is more than most people are willing to spend on a phone, let alone your kids. Faced with the huge price tag of the hottest tech, your children might struggle to find a Father’s Day gift they can afford on their own.

But not any longer! There are inexpensive gadgets that will satisfy both your kids’ budgets and their father’s need for tech—and you can find them below. Scroll down to find some of the best tech-inspired Father’s Day gifts on a budget.

A smart plug

If his dream is to one-day own a smart home, then a smart plug could be the first step towards making his dream a reality. The Wemo Mini Smart Plug is a small, seemingly simple gadget that plugs into any outlet. But once it’s all set up, it becomes a digital butler capable of controlling the home’s lights and appliances.

There’s no need for a smart home hub to tap into Wemo’s powers. It needs only Wi-Fi and his iPhone to work. He can schedule whenlamps, fans, and even the Nest thermostat turn on, so the house is always bright and comfortable when the family comes home. He can also randomize the lights using the “Away Mode”. This is a great feature if the family is planning a vacation this summer. The lights will turn on and off randomly to make it look like someone is always home.And best of all, this fun little gadget comes in at under $40.

iPhone X wraps

Whether he’s had the X for months or just a few short days, it’s obvious the phone is a magnet for trouble. Its glass body displays minor scratches and scrapes in HD clarity, along with oil deposits and fingerprints from calls and texts. If your husband wastes valuable time trying to buff these imperfections out of his mobile, he’d appreciate an iPhone wrap on Father’s Day. An iPhone wrap is a vinyl accessory that covers the body of the phone. It can hide frustrating and unsightly additions to Apple’s flagship at very little cost when you shop with brands. They tailor-make their iPhone wraps to fit the X perfectly, down to its thin bezels and apple cut-out.

They also have some of the most awesome iPhone X wraps, including the latest black camo skin. It’s joined by a selection of exclusive textures and colors that your kids can mix and match until they’ve created a totally unique look perfect for dad. And for less than $15 a pop, they could afford to make him a whole wardrobe for his handset. Whatever cool design they choose, once applied, it will hide any cosmetic damages done before dad could get a wrap.

A charging case

The X comes from a new line of iPhones that don’t have headphone jacks. As a result, your partner rocks a pair of wireless headphones, if he doesn’t use Apple’s official EarPods. While he can’t complain about the sound quality of these headphones, he does run into another problem. Since they’re wireless, they run on batteries—batteries that drain quickly and when he least expects it.

If he’s consistently out of juice thanks to poor battery life, your kids should surprise him with the Mophie Power Capsule External Battery Charger. For just $40, it’s a great investment for the chronically low battery. It’s a relatively slim, unobtrusive case that comes with a 1400 mAh rechargeable battery. It’s capable of charging wireless headphones, as well as a variety of wireless accessories like his FitBit or iSport.

Sure, some of the biggest phones and laptops can cost a fortune, but there’s a whole world of affordable tech that’s just waiting to be explored. Help your kids navigate these accessories to find an inexpensive gift that doesn’t sacrifice any cool factor. These fantastic gifts are so affordable, you may not even have to help them by giving out “extra allowance”.


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3 thoughts on “Father’s Day Gifts: Affordable Tech Your Kids Can Get Dad

  • My husband never wants to give up his flip phone! When T-Mobile told us we had to turn our cell phones in and upgrade, my husband insisted on another flip phone. Luckily they had a couple that were updated and he was happy again! He doesn’t care about technology! He’s 71 years old and is set in his way and doesn’t care about new technology.
    So unfortunately, he wouldn’t appreciate these kind of gifts. Thank you for sharing!

  • I like the smart plug. It is only $22 so it is affordable (not that my father doesnt deserve more just not everyone can afford it).

  • The iPhone X looks amazing! My husband actually needs a new phone. He still uses an iPhone 5. I love the idea of a smart plug.


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