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 Everybody loves family. Everybody loves getting together with their family for fun, jokes and laughter. What could be better than a family reunion? Nothing right? What if the family reunion was in Palm Springs, California??!! WOW, that would really take the cake! With all the excitement of planning a family reunion in Palm Springs we instantly thought about where we would stay. That led us to search for houses for rent in Palm Springs. My family wanted a place that we could park and have everything close to the retreat so that we did not have to leave during our stay. We looked through countless resorts, retreats and villas before coming to one that was absolutely breath taking

The time came that we finally chose a luxury retreat to occupy for our family reunion. The On The Rocks retreat won us over by far! Not only is the view one of the most beautiful views to look at, the villa itself is amazing to occupy! From the fire pit to the Alfresco dining, this villa gives you a feeling of updated home and natural warmth of nature.

The part of the villa we look forward to the most is the back-patio area with the infinity pool and fire pits that overlook the trees and other retreats! Peaceful is the word that explains the night look. Relaxing is the way the daytime photos feel. Compared to other lodges, this villa is very spacious as it is listed to sleep 6 people in the 3 bedrooms. There is plenty of space to accommodate many more people as well.

 We were initially only looking for a two-night stay but after looking at the villa we decided that a whole week was well deserved! Pricing was directly on the website along with contact information just in case we had any questions. Planning what to do in the villa was more fun than planning the family reunion. The villa offers such a luxurious feel that makes you not want to leave!

The Luxury Retreats site we used to help us search offers the ability to search any area you would like to search when planning a getaway for any occasion. Navigating through the site is a breeze and all of the searching is done within the site. The site does not take you to external links when exploring options and all information is accurate and displayed to all viewers. There are testimonials for each retreat from previous occupants and they are all honest and sincere, good AND bad are both presented

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Back to the family reunion. We have family coming in all over the US. We have family from Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and Chicago. We have family staying at the Martini Rose, the Burton House and the Smokewood Palms. Everyone is so excited to be able to stay in the retreats that were chosen!

The family has planned to have a game night where we all will meet at the villa and bring tons of board games to play throughout the whole thing. We plan on having people inside and outside. The BBQ grill will definitely be a great asset to the party! The family plans on staying over until about midnight. We will have to move the party to be entirely on the inside after 10 o’clock PM due to the quiet hour policy of the community. Even after we have to take the party inside we look forward to having a good time! The family not only plans to have fun but we also plan to wind down. We all work hard and being able to sit in the Jacuzzi or infinity pool with the fire going is going to be very relaxing. The fact that the villa is so spacious is another amazing feature within itself sole due to the fact that the family can relax and not have to be bombarded by each other. We can have six or seven different relaxing activities enjoyed at the same time by the family. We are going to enjoy this trip to the fullest!

 Luxury Retreats makes their site the obvious choice to visit when searching for a luxury villa. A great feature on the site is the ability to log in and mark different villas as favorites right from the site. Even if you choose a villa for one trip you can still have another saved for the next. There are so many to choose from you will see multiple that you like. So, your second go around visiting the same area you can try a new retreat! The site will also be able to contact you directly with the homeowner. If that is a path that is needed then it can be achieved through the site. If there are additional questions you or your family has then you can either reach out to a specialist or the owner and they are more than willing to assist!

To summarize, Luxury Retreats will offer you every luxury villa in a specified area of your choice. They will offer pricing, everything you need to know about the community, amenities, details and even pictures! Testimonials from real consumers make the site trustworthy as well. Your family can view and compare with just a few clicks between villas. Luxury Retreats will definitely be the place I start looking anytime my family is going on vacation! 


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