Factors to Consider and Popular Ways to Invest in Self-Storage Unit Sites

Self-storage facilities are an essential storage guarantee for customers who run short of space to preserve or keep products and commodities, useful and damaged properties, etc. In the American setting, one out of every ten houses comes with a storage facility due to the spike in investment returns. Storage facilities have generated twenty-two billion dollars as annual revenue in the U.S. The business model used here has a remarkable resemblance with what is obtainable in commercial real estate.

Storage facilities like these abound in several locations irrespective of the distance from city areas. Customers who opt for self-storage facilities have little or no trouble evicting sites on prompt notice. Payments in deposits are splittable into several fractions to enable complete payment and conformity to set terms and conditions.

Let’s take a look at some of the factors that have greatly influenced this sector’s growth. The first set of factors we’ll look at are economic factors. These factors include two cardinal points: The accumulation of commodities and the reluctance to clean out used or unnecessary properties. 

When purchases run into the accumulation of things that can’t be consumed, like toys, furniture, and knick-knacks, it becomes more difficult to dispose of them when the need arises. When items are stored, the owner expects to leave them in the same position during their deposit. Due to estimates made over the years, researchers found that many people store things they haven’t used in a couple of years.

The next factor affecting self-storage facilities’ success is the rate at which these structures can be accountable. These facilities’ tenant base affords property owners the chance to avoid long-term vacancies, a common trait of commercial real estate. Small changes in market conditions would trigger property owners’ immediate responses since they operate on a short term basis.

The stability of cash flows also affects the stability of self-storage facilities. Self-storage facilities are usable for a variety of purposes. Some of these purposes include renovations, keeping business records, military posts, relocations, and household downsizing. As the economy continues to take a downside, these benefits are brought more to life, making it Impossible to avoid renting storage facilities. 

The issue of turnover ceases to exist since people exhibit a reluctance to leave rented spaces. Owners also enjoy the privilege of a safe spot from variations in rent rates. The number assures this safety of storage facilities available at the disposal of customers interested.

With self-storage facilities, you can be less worried about the thoughts of high maintenance. All you need to do is ensure that the place is spotless after the last customer vacates and your space is ready for renting. Tenant improvements and leasing commissions are not readily necessary for handling these kinds of facilities. 

It was only recently when the economic crisis became more of a reality that owners needed to engage in more advertisement and marketing forms. With internet marketing knowledge, one can reach more customers with a specific message made to the right demographics.

Every form of real estate property falls into different categories. These categories include class A, B, and C properties. While the properties’ location and physical condition remain crucial for the classification, a considerable population of interested customers suggests otherwise. Some areas have served as target areas, home to a good number of properties. 

Development of new properties has declined over the last couple of years, fostering pricing stability for already established properties. Other modifications recently incorporated into storage properties include climate control units, biometric scanners, proximity cards, and web marketing apps that promote bill payments and online patronage.

We could say that small and independent investors own a good number of self-storage facilities. The majority of the self-storage facilities for sale indicated a reliable performance of investments made in this sector. More and more institutions are getting interested in investing and purchasing more facilities. Institutional buyers are asking the question: “What abandoned storage units are for sale near me?”. 

These investments have been widely noticed as profitable ventures even as they continue to rival other commercial real estate assets. The statistics from the previous years have made investors realize the dangers of entertaining fear about the business’s future stability and success.

Some of the reasons why investors should take up investment opportunities in self-storage properties include:

  1. The appealing class to which these properties fall. Self-storage facilities can generate excellent and rewarding profits with minimized construction cost, low overhead, and low management fees. For example, a small or mid-sized property can sufficiently turn in profits with part-time management.
  2. We also find that emotional equity is less, and failed building components are lesser. Since leases get paid monthly, owners can increase rates faster without fear of losing clients.
  3. Growing demand

Here are some of the popular ways to invest in storage unit sites

  • Contents

    Storage REITs

They are easy alternatives to make investments in storage units. Self-storage real estate investment trusts only demand minimal time to yield consistent returns through dividends.

  • Active Participation in Self-Storage

Active participation involves getting a self-owned storage facility. There are two options available here:

  • Purchasing developed storage units
  • Developing new storage units

Developing New Storage Units

For many, this involves a massive amount of labor and finances to accomplish. The assurance at the end of the day is that the investment would yield enormous returns. This kind of active participation requires thorough knowledge, experience, and a massive pull of resources. Newly built storage units get classified as class A due to the high value in the storage market. 

It is also essential to check the zone before purchase to ensure smooth development and completion of the facility. Lower land and construction costs aid better returns. Construction should happen in a way that meets up with the standard of customers. Developers should give a futurist perspective to determine if subsequent customers would prefer the facility, especially prominent ones.

Purchasing Developed Storage Units

Investors who have decided to purchase existing storage properties need to conduct an appropriate and thorough analysis to identify suitable properties and yield better returns. You can start by searching on popular websites like Self Storage Investing for selecting viable properties. One can use direct mail marketing to reach facility owners for one on one conversations and strike better bargains.


Self-storage facility investment would continue to yield tremendous profits due to the consistent rise in demand for such facilities. Owners are beginning to understand these facilities’ importance since they involve little maintenance costs and unnecessary expenditures. They are easy to manage and adjust to new trends with regards to pricing and renting turnover. Self-storage units are an acceptable form of investment for investors looking to go into commercial real estate investing.



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