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Eyeglasses tips for moms

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Whilst parenting comes with so many joys and magical moments, it’s undeniable that there are also challenges along the way. Some of these challenges include making sure your child is safe, ensuring they’re getting enough vitamins in their diet, and keeping them from destroying your belongings. As cute and as lovely as our babies are, they sure do have a way of breaking or getting things messy. Our glasses are not exempt from this. Here are a few ideas of ways to look after your glasses throughout parenthood…

Consider having more than one pair

Children grab, play and don’t know their own strength. This doesn’t mix well with glasses. Consider having more than one pair of eyewear – get some you wear for daily tasks that are replaceable if any damage does come to them. Then, for special occasions, it’s always good to have a more sophisticated pair to really complement your look – check out these Ray Ban glasses for inspiration. Having more than one set of glasses will give you options, and this way, if anything does happen to the ones you wear every day, you will then have a back up to tide you over until you find a replacement. If you have a strong prescription you can’t really go longer than a day without your all-important vision correctors, especially when you have kids.


You need something durable. Something that if you drop them, they won’t scratch or break. Something that if you happen to get baby food on, you can easily clean. Look into plastic or titanium frames, as these are robust and lightweight, both of which will come in handy. Depending on your lifestyle, an anti-scratch coating might also be an investment worth having to keep your lenses in perfect condition.

A chain or cord

To eliminate the chances of your child accidentally knocking your glasses off your face and onto the floor, you could get a chain or cord attachment for them so that they are less likely to smash if they do come off your face. This will come in handy for tasks around the house too – this way, you should never lose them, as they will always be hanging around your neck!

Get one pair that does all

We’re talking bifocals. We’re talking transition lens (eyeglasses that react to light and become prescription sunglasses). You could even consider glasses that have blue light protection to minimize the chance of health issues resulting from too much time looking at computer screens. Take advantage of technology – you’re probably already rushed off your feet looking after your family. You don’t want to have to worry about taking a pair of glasses for reading, long-distance, sun protection, and so on, out with you when you’re just trying to get the kids to school. Explore your options. 

So, there you have it. Just because you’re a parent doesn’t mean your glasses are doomed. Eyeglasses are also becoming more popular each year, so when you’re feeling tired, they are a great way of injecting a bit of style into your look, without drying your eyes out as contacts do.


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