Everything you should know about Heat Transfer Labels

What is a heat transfer label?

Heat transfer is a method of taking a printed image and attaching it directly onto a garment to copy the image onto the garment itself. Typically, this technology has been used for customizing t-shirts and, more recently, for implementing “non-marking” labels. Because the heat transfer process ensures that the design is embedded into the sublayer of the printed surface, the design lasts the garment’s lifetime.

The logo or pattern is hot pressed or ironed onto special transfer paper or synthetic film and then affixed to the clothing fabric. Typically, custom heat transfer labels are used on clothing/garments that come in direct contact with the skin, such as underwear, t-shirts, and swimwear.

A unique sales feature introduced for this technology is ‘No More Scratchy Labels,’ but there are also technical advantages! For example, in sportswear, every weight loss equals a performance increase. Typically, this label is used on automotive and apparel products that come directly with the skin, such as underwear, t-shirts, and swimwear.

Application of heat press transfer

T-shirts and tracksuits, this type of clothing have endless placement opportunities. From full front and back to arms, left chest, and more

Team uniforms use various materials and placement options to help the team stand out from the competition.

Bags add personalization to backpacks, cinch bags, and gym bags with various heat transfer materials.

Hot press transfer labels for cotton and hemp clothing types´╝î produced via offset printing and screen printing. It can be customized according to customer preferences, such as cold or hot peeling, matte or glossy effect, etc. Environmentally friendly without smell, with a soft hand touch. It is suitable for most common fabrics such as cotton, hemp, etc.

In the following, we will explain a little about the special transfer paper used as a medium for logos or patterns for heat transfer labels.

What is heat transfer paper?

Think of heat transfer paper as a fabric sticker. You can print any design on the paper with your home inkjet printer and then apply it to the 100% natural ingredients fabric. This paper features a special heat transfer technology that uses heat to fuse your printed design onto your fabric by pressing it with a heat press or hand iron.

What are you able to style and customize with heat transfer paper?

You can print anything on paper, like images, quotes, sayings, and names, then apply it on 100% natural fabrics. Customize jackets, hoodies, shirts, pants, socks, and many other items. You’ll use heat paper on any natural cloth for any occasion.

What’s the best sort of cloth to use with heat transfer paper?

It would be best if you transferred to a cloth that contains 100% natural fibers. For example, silk, linen, or cotton. Heat transfer paper will NOT work well on polyester fabrics or fabrics with an elastic content, such as lycra or spandex blends. Be sure to pre-wash your fabric before use to avoid stretching after the transfer has blended.

What is the difference between transparent and white heat transfer paper?

There are unit 2 varieties of heat transfer paper: clear heat paper for lightweight materials and high-temperature paper for dark materials.

Transparent or clear heat transfer paper is mainly used to apply to white fabrics; however, it can also be applied to other very light-colored fabrics. Clear heat paper could be a thin and clear film. When applied to colored cloth, the color of the cloth shows through the transparent heat transfer film.

White heat transfer paper is used when applied to darker-colored fabrics. White paper could be a skinny opaque white. When applied to colored or dark fabrics, opaque white transfers make dark fabric colors invisible through the transfer.

When using white heat transfer paper, cutting as close to the image as possible is important. The white around the image will show after you’ve pressed your heat transfer. For best results, it is recommended to use a cutting machine such as a Silhouette Cameo or Cricut.

We recommend cutting as close to the image when using transparent heat transfer paper as possible. Again, a cutting machine such as a Silhouette or Cricut will produce the most precise cuts. However, you can also cut the sticker by hand using scissors.

Is it better to use a heat press or hand iron to apply the heat transfer paper?

Both methods will work. We recommend heat presses for wholesale clothing tags as they generate constant pressure and even heat. However, many people prefer to use their handheld clothes iron. Our heat transfer paper is great for beginners to advanced crafters.

Do I want to mirror my image before printing?

If you are using transparent heat transfer paper, you MUST mirror your image because the printed side of the sticker will be on the fabric you are working with. When applying clear heat transfer paper, the backing remains on until the heat transfer is applied. However, if you are using white heat transfer paper, you do NOT need to mirror your image because the printed side of your sticker will be facing up when applied to the fabric you are working with. Another thing to keep in mind when working with white heat transfer paper is that you will remove the backing from the printed sticker before pressing it onto your fabric.

How do I know that facet of the paper to print on?

If you look at heat transfer paper with a blue square, know that it is the back of the paper. However, if you get a pack of heat transfer paper that doesn’t have the blue grid on the back, you’re going for the smooth, matte finish side. The smooth matte finish will be the front of the paper and the side you will print your image on. The other side will have an almost glossy appearance. This will show that it is the back of the heat transfer paper and not the side you are printing on.



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