Everyone Needs A Good Clock!

I’m a lover of clocks! In every area of my home you will find some type of wall clock. I have always been fascinated about how they work and how they are made. If you have a home without a  Wall-Clock. then your home is missing something. I can’t go pass my clocks without looking at the time, let alone the beauty of them all. Even in my daughters room  you will find a lovely wall clock that makes so many different sounds at the strike of  every hour!

WOW how time fly, do you  remember the Large-Wall-Clocks.  we use to have in the school classrooms. So funny to see them now in my daughters classes. You see as a kid, they use to be SOOO BIG looking and it seemed that time would never come for us to be dismissed to go home…LOL. I laugh at how my daughter says she watches the school  clock to see when it strikes   12 o’clock…she says that’s lunch time for her…lol lol Hey, a kids gotta eat too…lol lol

Just this Christmas my daughter brought me the most beautiful “Kitchen Clock”  I have ever seen. On the hour the clock picture would separate and play music. Oh my, I really love it. I sometimes just stand in the kitchen waiting for it to strike so I can see the picture separate and the cute jingle play. I told her when she moves I will make sure to buy her  a  pretty “Kitchen Wall Clock” I saw at 1001wallclocks.com  for her home too. I tell you, if you haven’t have a chance to get that special clock for your home decor…you better hurry up because time really don’t wait for anyone. :0)

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  • February 5, 2011 at 10:36 pm

    You’re by clocks like my mom is calendars. There’s a store in Gatlinburg, TN that has the most amazing clocks. You’d love it.

    Make it an awesome day!


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