Electric Vehicles: Not Compatible With Certain Lifestyles

It is no secret that eclectic vehicles have been a new fad and are in the news a lot here in recent years. And with polarizing characters like Elon Musk leading the way in new innovations for electric vehicles and many other things in the world, it is not hard to take an over under bet that we will continue to see more electric vehicles produced and hitting the market in years to come.

One thing that you may or may not have noticed is that electric vehicles are a lot more densely populated and popular in bigger cities and larger towns that have the infrastructure in place to charge and adapt to the use of these vehicles over the long term. With most governments trying to budget and fund infrastructure bills that will speed up the integration of electric cars into society, there are still holes in the plan.

Roughly 20% of the United States population, or one in five people, still live in rural communities. These communities and areas do not have the infrastructure available to support numerous electric vehicles. And to the people that live there, they need the reliability and ready-to-go action of a gas-powered car. But it’s not just rural areas that are hamstrung with issues that surround electric vehicles for the sake of lifestyle.

Heavy Commuters

Heavy commuters are getting more and more popular as people are taking jobs that require them to work in bigger cities but yet like the idea of living in more rural types of communities. Some of these, for instance, commute between one and two hours a day to get back and forth between their job and home. While the current range on most vehicles will more than likely get them from home to work just fine, they will need to recharge their vehicle when they arrive at work. 

Most businesses and parking garages in bigger cities do not yet have the charging capabilities and infrastructure to accommodate large amounts of electric vehicles. And outfitting existing parking garages and parking garages could cost a premium price to achieve. This may take more time to figure out.

Cost of Electric

Currently, it seems that having an electric vehicle does save you money when compared to filling up at the pump. Most electric vehicle owners see their utility bills rise between $30 and $60 a month per electric vehicle that they own. That is quite impressive. But with the addition of millions of electric cars in the future, if they continue to be popular for some time, put a burden on the utility production of electricity, thus causing the price of electricity to go up?

Gasoline was once extremely cheap too and we currently enjoy a fluctuating gas price system that yo-yos up and down. The same could happen with electricity as more and more companies get into the energy game. Also, with the call for renewable resources to create electricity and the infrastructure needed to create things like solar fields to replace fossil fuel plants, we could see a spike in electricity prices that could outweigh the benefits of electric vehicles.

Added Issues

Some people are afraid of all the different issues that come with switching from something they are comfortable with to something they are not as well versed in. In this case, it’s gasoline-powered vehicles versus electric vehicles. Some will absolutely refuse to convert. How long will it take for that to no longer be a choice. 

Many said the same thing about computers and mobile phones. Now there isn’t much you can do without having one or the other or both! Similarly, we will see a phasing out of gasoline vehicles in exchange for electric vehicles. But not without issues.

More people will need to be trained on electric vehicle maintenance to accommodate issues and failures with cars, especially in a timely manner. Infrastructure will universally need to be improved and that will take a lot of time, effort, and money to accomplish on the scale that the government wants to achieve. With that, will be added issues that may seem hard to overcome and might ultimately lead to slower and slower adaptation over the long run.


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