Easy access loans options for active or retired defense personnel

For the Navy or the defense personnel, you now have the option access the Navy Federal Credit Union for the excellent benefits on offer. With 3 million members and around 96 years worth of experience, the NFCU has over $23 billion worth of member savings. If you are defense personnel, you can access a wide variety of financial services, including mortgage loans, auto loans, and subsidized rates and offers on products.

For mortgage loans

With the Navy Federal, you can now access excellent rates when it comes to home mortgage loans. While the general fixed rate is around 6%, the 30 years fixed rate in your case is 5.35%. This will make a difference of approximately $200,000-$500,000 on loan. Get additional rebates as well by using a RealtyPlus approved agent for searching and buying of the new property. You can even use the discount to sell your existing property.

In the case of auto loans

The new car loan rate using the Navy Federal is around 3.75%. This is half of the national average. If you are in the market for a new car, there can be a no better option. The same applies to the used car market as well. The interest rate of used car loans in a minimal 4.75% (36 months) which adds up to a juicy figure in terms of savings. You can even make a quick 100 dollars by merely refinancing an auto loan with the Navy Federal.

The certificates of deposit

In the case of the CDs, the Navy Federal ha an attractive 4% offer for defense personnel. The certificates of deposit are a declining market globally, but you can still guarantee yourself a return of 4% even with the minimum deposit of a $100. This is an excellent rebate as opposed to the general scheme where the minimum can be $1000 to $10,000 and upward.

Concerning credit cards

As far as credit cards are concerned, the Navy Federal offers you a variety of options. There are options, including the Platinum Visa and the nRewards Visa. With no annual fee for the card and a credit limit of around $50,000, the benefits are endless. Get access to a 1% return on every purchase and low-interest rates of 7.9% with the Navy Federal credit cards.

Free seminars for developing money management skills

It is not just about the offers by the Navy Federal. Money management is a real-world skill, and you need the knowledge to become an expert at it. How about seminars that are packed with all the necessary information concerning real-world skill-building when it comes to money management? Home buying seminars, investment, estate, and retirement planning and management of taxes, you name it. There is an endless selection to choose from to learn money management tricks and tips from the experts.

Keep in mind all the advantages of going with the Navy Federal in mind. Additionally, the union also offers up tremendous opportunities and benefits when it comes to small businesses, investments, and various insurance services. Become a credit union member today. The membership eligibility is extended to all affiliations of the defense department.



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