Don’t Make These 12 Mistakes When Creating The Perfect Garden For Your Family!

One of the first things people do when they move into a property is sort out the garden. After all, the backyard is one of the top places you and your family will spend the most time in. And, in fact, the garden is one of the main reasons why homeowners choose that particular property. However, it’s harder than it looks to create the perfect garden for your family. There is a lot to consider to ensure it’s a safe and useful area for the whole family. After all, you don’t want to make mistakes you will regret later when designing your perfect garden. Here are 13 mistakes when creating the perfect garden for your family that you need to avoid!



Choosing something which is hard to maintain

It’s easy to be brimming with ideas when creating the perfect garden for your family. You want to add a vegetable garden and a wide array of plants to make it look perfect. However, you need to remember that you must choose something that you have time to maintain. You don’t want to add lots of different plants that need looking after, and you just don’t have the time to do it. Otherwise, you will end up with a garden which looks terrible if you don’t keep on top of it. If you don’t have much time to take care of your backyard, you might want to consider getting a gardener in to give it some TLC. That way, they will ensure it stays looking great if you do decide to plant a wide array of flowers and vegetables. Or you might want to consider going for something low-maintenance which will be easier for you to look after. For example, artificial lawn is now a popular choice for families as it won’t get ruined when the kids are playing out there. It also won’t need to be regularly cut so will look great all year-round. Therefore, think carefully before making changes to your garden.

Not thinking of all year round

A lot of homeowners think about what they need for their garden for summer months and forget about the rest of the year. However, you need to ensure your garden is ideal for all year round so that your family can make use of it. Therefore, you should make sure you are buying items to protect the lawn such as rakes and fertilizer to ensure it stays looking great. Also, you might want to consider getting a chimenea which will keep your family warm in the garden during autumn and winter evenings. Also, make sure you buy covers for all garden furniture so that it’s kept protected during the colder seasons of the year!

Not adding a shed for items

When planning what you want in your perfect family garden, you need to remember to add a shed to your design. A lot of families think they will be able to keep all their items in the garage. However, you will end up overfilling your garage with bits for your garden, and there might not be enough room. Then it will end up causing your garden to get messy if there is nowhere to keep your stuff. Therefore, you should consider adding a shed which will be ideal to keep all your garden tools and toys for the kids. You could also find a playhouse instead which will be ideal for the kids outdoors toys. They can play in there, which will stop the toys being spread out all over the lawn!

Not thinking about safety

It’s so important that you consider safety when creating the perfect garden for your family. Otherwise, you could end up putting your kids in danger. For starters, you need to ensure you have a good quality gate which has a lock which will stop the kids getting out. Also, it will ensure no one can break into your garden. Additionally, you need a secure fence which will stop your garden being in full view of your neighbors. You need also to make sure the BBQ and garden tools are not within easy access for your kids. Otherwise, they could end up getting injured while playing outside. Also, any dangerous areas such as a pond or pool should be securely fenced so that your kid isn’t at risk of drowning. Therefore, always think of your kid’s safety when making decisions about your garden.

Not planning properly before placing items

You need also to make sure you plan exactly where items are going to go in your garden. Otherwise, you might start placing items and then regret where you put them as they take up too much space or isn’t in a safe area. Therefore, always consider exactly how much room the item is going to take and whether it’s a good idea for it to be located there. For example, you don’t want to place outdoor furniture in the area which is going to be sunniest during the day. Also, you don’t want to place children’s outdoor furniture in an area which won’t be within eye view from your home.

Not getting a landscaper in

A lot of people think that they know what they are doing when they are designing their garden. However, sometimes it’s worth getting an expert in who will be able to give you ideas to help your garden come to life. A landscaper will work with you to ensure you are making the most of the space you have in the garden. They will also be able to organize for professionals to lay patio and lawn so that you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself!

Buying expensive playground equipment

There is so much playground equipment you can buy for your family-friendly garden. However, a lot of these are expensive and your child will grow out of them quickly. As well as this, they take up a lot of space in your backyard. As this feature explains, you are better off buying outdoors games and toys such as a bike or a football goal instead. That way, you can put them away when your kids are finished playing with them.


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Adding too many plants

It’s easy to keep buying beautiful plants for your garden as you think they will all look great together. However, you could end up suffocating the plants and the soil if you add too many to your garden. It can cause your garden to look messy and will stop the plants from flourishing. As this article reveals, you need to ask at the store how much space the plants need before purchasing. Therefore, you won’t end up buying too many for your backyard!

Choosing low-quality garden furniture

A lot of people make a decision when buying garden furniture that they regret later. Therefore, it’s so important that you research different garden furniture before you make a purchase at a store. That way, it will stop you buying a low-quality piece of furniture which won’t last long. After all, you want items which will be able to last when exposed to sun, wind, and rain. Therefore, make sure you inspect any items carefully when it’s a low price, so you don’t make a mistake. Also, remember to add enough shade over the table and chairs in the garden. That way, your family can have a break from the sun when they are outdoors.

Not setting up their pond properly

A pond is a great feature for the garden that will keep the whole family entertained. It’s great for the environment, and your kids can name the fish and it’s a good starter pet for them! However, you need to make sure you set it up properly so that the fish can live a healthy life. When choosing custom ponds, you need to talk to the professional about exactly what you should do to keep the fish healthy. Also, remember to fence the pond if you have little kids in your home.

 Not thinking about colors

A lot of people don’t consider the colors of their plants when designing the perfect garden for their family. It means the flowers and plants end up clashing in your backyard and won’t look visually appealing. You need to ensure you choose plants with complementary colors that will look great together. As this feature says, you might want to choose colors which contrasts with the paint color of your house, so that they stand out in your backyard!

Adding too many ornaments

It’s easy to start adding cute ornaments and accessories to your garden. However, adding too many will cause your garden to look too cluttered and busy. As discussed here, consider where the ornament will live and if it will fit with the style of the garden. It will stop you making any rash decision and buying too many to your backyard!

Remember to add plenty of lighting to your garden for those nights in the summer when you dine al fresco. Also, they are essential for those garden parties that last late into the evening.


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