How Dogs Benefit Kids’ Health


Dogs are one of the most popular pets around the world, and with good reason, too. There are countless benefits to owning a dog so it’s no wonder many families decide to get one. Other than improving our mental and physical health, dogs can help our children as well. There are numerous studies that confirm that hanging out with your four-legged friend can do wonders for your well-being. Read on to become acquainted with the advantages that come with owning a dog and how it affects children’s health.

Owning a dog lowers the chances of allergies in kids

Not so long ago, parents used to believe that dogs were to blame whenever their children developed an allergy. However, recent studies have shown that not only is this false, but that it’s actually completely the opposite. Namely, the presence of a dog during early childhood actually improves kids’ health and reduces their chances of experiencing respiratory infections. Children can even develop stronger immune systems when exposed to animals from a young age. All parents want their kids to grow up to be healthy, so forget about those common misconceptions about having a dog around your child at a young age and let them play together.

Dogs help children be more active

Quite opposite from cats, dogs love running around and being active all day long, and depending on their age and breed, they make good companions for playing different sports and participating in various activities. Owning a dog means spending more time outside and being more active in general. Spending time with the dog can have a positive effect on kids’ physical health and help them develop motor skills. Physical activity is equally important for your dogs since it helps them stay fit. Add quality food to the mix to make sure they lead a healthy, fulfilling life. You can buy dog food and treats online to help them grow stronger and be healthier – what better way to show your dog you love them? After all, they are a member of your family in a way.

Dogs can help children develop empathy and a healthy attitude

Learning how to nurture an animal is beneficial for your children in different ways. By caring for their dog, kids learn how to be more kind and careful towards other beings, which can help them in establishing a deeper emotional connection with others later in life. Also, children are more likely to grow up to be more emphatic and understanding toward individuals if they’ve been given the chance to see what it’s like to take care of someone and be responsible for them. It helps them to not just focus on their needs but to also take into consideration how others feel and what they might need. Another thing worth mentioning is that children who grow up in families with dogs also tend to have a better self-image and exhibit higher levels of confidence, which reflects in a healthy attitude towards themselves and their lives.

Dogs are known to reduce anxiety in children

Pets like cats and dogs are known to reduce anxiety in adults, and the same goes for kids. Spending time with your pet can lower your blood pressure, reduce stress, and increase production of hormones responsible for feelings of happiness and well-being. What’s more, research has shown that having their pet around when they’re going through a stressful experience in their lives actually helped kids feel better and lowered the amount of stress they were feeling. It just goes to show that having a silent companion in your life such as a dog can sometimes be more beneficial than actually talking to someone who maybe won’t understand you. Dogs are loyal, and they won’t judge, so maybe that’s why children feel more relaxed when they’re around them. Either way, it would be a good idea to let your children spend a portion of their days playing and running around with their dog – it can’t hurt them, it can only help them feel better.

Owning a dog brings a lot of benefits with it and there are many reasons why all families should consider getting one. Other than being major sources of comfort and psychological support to children, dogs can help them develop stronger immune system and have better general health, which is why every parent should think about introducing a dog into their home.




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