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Do you prefer a maxi dress or skirt

Shop maxi dresses or skirts at Solado in cheerful prints and colors. From chic to elegant, every woman has her style, and a different item comes into its own for every figure.

Maxi dresses and skirts make you feel feminine and look stylish, perfect for sunny days in the city or autumn days in the woods. The trendiest skirts and fashionable dresses for every occasion, in bright colors and prints, with lace details or layers, something for everyone.

Combine your favorite skirt with two piece set pants and top or blouse, boots underneath and you are ready to shine, with a dress your look is quickly complete; a denim jacket or biker jacket on top, and a trendy outfit is made in no time. Whether you go to work, school, or a birthday, a skirt or dress can be worn every day.

dressMaxi Dresses:

A maxi dress is always possible, every season, all year round. You just need to match the rest of your outfit to it. In the winter months, you might opt ​​for a dress in dark colors. This is classy and ideal for the holidays with some extra sparkle.

In combination with blazer and tights, your outfit is warm enough and you still look festive. While you might prefer to wear as much color as possible on sunny days. That is because warm summers call for bright colors! When the flowers appear again, you are of course happy to match them. Add open pumps and you’ll steal the show.


Skirts come in different styles: long skirts, short skirts, wrap skirts, leather skirts, or denim skirts. We prefer to wear them every day! Because a skirt is much nicer than jeans, right? It gives you that extra bit of flair and ensures that your legs stand out nicely, so you can walk the streets with confidence.

Tips to wear dresses or skirts:

Dresses or skirts do not always have to go with sneakers, they can also be accompanied by a good pair of tennis shoes, either to give a youthful or casual touch. These shoes provide comfort, in addition, you can buy those that are in spring or summer fashion. The sneakers look good with almost any dress or skirt.

If you want your feet to be comfortable, safe, and fashionable, go to the Solado website and browse through the tennis options with the perfect support so that your feet are always in style.

We are an online store where you can find seasonal trends, we have a large catalog of accessories and shoes, boots, sandals, sneakers, tennis, and more. Shoes according to what you need formal or informal, colors, textures, designs, and styles so varied and always fashionable.

dressWhen to wear a good pair of sneakers?

No, sneakers are not just meant to be worn in the gym or when working out. Although the style and design of these will be different from what you use on a day-to-day basis. Because when exercising, the foot requires support and resists the impact, especially if you are one of those who are used to running and exercising; There is a wide variety of tennis designs to know how to dress casually in any outing you have.

So, to be able to use them correctly, you must make sure you have a good pair of casual tennis shoes, there are different styles and this gives you great opportunities to adapt them to different outfits.

Don’t be afraid to show them:

If you are not one of those who usually wear sneakers in their look, you can start by implementing them with maxi skirts, so you can acclimatize little by little. But make sure they show, that’s the purpose, they have to look. So don’t wear an extremely long skirt.

Socks must not be seen:

Ideally, the socks should not be seen, especially since they can be very striking and cause the eye to focus on them. Try to wear socks that are short enough to be covered by the height of the sneakers. Today, there are many sock designs so you will have no difficulty finding ones that adapt to the type of tennis you have. Also, avoid flashy colors or exotic designs.

Choose the color well:

So that you do not have problems combining them with your clothes, you should choose a pair of sneakers that are of a single color or that one is the one that predominates.

You can also go for a classic design, so you can wear them with different skirts or black maxi dress with cutouts. It does not necessarily have to be black, although if it is, you will be guaranteed a great potential for combinations.

In general, it is recommended to avoid shoes with very exotic designs, especially so that you can use them on different occasions, since it is tennis with a very particular color, you may struggle more to find a dress to combine it with. And if you do not have much knowledge about how to dress well, likely, you will not be able to make a good outfit.dress

Use them with confidence:

There is a wide variety of possible combinations when wearing tennis shoes with skirts or dresses, you just need to know how to implement it. In this sense, chambray dresses and A-line skirts can be combined with sneakers without any problem. They are also perfect with printed skirts or dresses, what type of print?

You can even add some accessories to your backless tank top, such as a jacket that can be made of leather, so you will give it an interesting touch. To cause more impact, consult the spring-summer fashion and thus you will be able to make perfect combinations.

Combine them with accessories:

You must have good sneakers, that are in good condition, clean, on-trend, and that look well cared for, especially when you decide to wear them with short skirts because that is when they will be seen.

In addition, you can make great combinations with your accessories, be it a bag, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, belt, or whatever you decide to wear.



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