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Technology has changed so much, if you take a moment to just look at all of your gadgets, like cellphones, computers, toys and more you’ll see just how advanced those items are today! In a world in which we live in technology has become very important, even to STEM education.

STEM has become an education curriculum course now in many school. If you’re not aware what STEM stands for let me share with you: STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math in which many products are produced and designed to teach our children to develop core skills in those areas. My kids have been learning more about STEM and have joined in with many other students working in many programs, on toys, devices and activities that has taught them about coding.

So when Best Buy sent us the Dash Robot by Wonder Workshop, my kids were excited to learn how to program Dash!

Now, Dash is a real robot for children ages 6years and up that will teach a child how to code while they are having fun. Using the Free Apple, Android or Kindle apps to program Dash to move, dance, light up, make sounds, avoid obstacles, and even react to your child’s voice.  The great thing about Dash too is there are several different apps available for different types of play for your kids.

I couldn’t help but play around with Dash myself first, but you better believe my boys were standing by waiting to get their hands on Dash. I could see the excitement on both boys faces, Jordan the youngest had already mentioned how he was going to interact with Dash!

Well, soon the boys turned Dash on and off Dash went, talking, rolling around, turning his head, changing colors and all geared up to play!

Now, remember Dash presents your kids with hundreds of projects, challenges, and puzzles as well as endless possibilities for freeform play. He works by connecting to apps that you download onto a compatible device.  The app will help you control dash and move him around. Dash has many coding skills that will help your child learn and grow. The boys spent a lot of time playing with Dash and they even added some of Dash accessories to help him do more tricks like launch a ball!

Dash also has a few other accessories like building blocks to help engineer and he also come with a Dash’s Launcher and Dash’s Xylophone. Jalen and Jordan had Dash rolling everywhere, making all types of sounds/animal noises and even changing his appearance. They tried to launch the ball but for some reason Jalen iPhone had a problem with the app so Jordan launched the launcher manually. I told Jalen not to worry for I would uninstall the app and reinstall it, we always sometimes encounter internet problems with our WiFi in my home.

The Launcher is connected to the Wonder App that can be download onto any compatible device, it also has some accessories that your kids can target to knock apart. They boys played all day with Dash, they even had him rolling around in the kitchen. Jordan was standing by to try out the Xylophone, he’s the music kid in our family so for him to be able to compose his own songs would be great!

Each accessory is very easily attachable to Dash plus Dash has many other accessories that Mom and Dad can purchase at Best Buy!

You can visit your local Best Buy today to purchase Dash, his mini robot friend, Dot and all his accessories, and don’t forget that Best Buy carries products from basic learning games to advanced toys designed to stimulate a child’s mind in the STEM areas, helping to develop logic and problem solving skills.

Here’s what included in your Dash box:

  • 1 Dash
  • 1 Charging Cord
  • 2 Building Brick Connectors
  • Getting Started Guide



Disclaimer:  The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.


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11 thoughts on “Dash STEM Learning & Educational Toys by Wonder Workshop’s! @BestBuy, #ad, @makewonder #dashrobot

  • Dash looks super cool and techie. It’s a great gift to give to kids to boost their creativity and imagination. It also helps build interaction and improve problem-solving skills. It can be the toy of the year!

  • We definitely didn’t have stuff like this when I was growing up. I wish we had! This is such a unique toy! I love that they are coming out with even more educational technology. I know some kids that could use this. I’ll share, thanks!

  • I’m loving this little robot, and am definitely going to pick one up for my grandson the next time we’re at Best Buy. Anything that combines learning, along with play, is a win in my mind. I’m really impressed with its ability to provide more advance learning for the kids as they grow. Can’t wait to see what more STEM learning products have to offer!

  • This looks so amazingly brilliant! My kids love technology and I bet this little guy would really steal their interests! I love promoting stem/steam!

  • I’ve seen and heard great things about the Dash robot, It’s absolutely adorable and seems super engaging for kids of all ages. I love that there are so many fabulous STEM toys like this for young kids. It’s never too early to get them learning about coding, science and math!

  • This is such a unique toy! I love that they are coming out with even more educational technology.

  • We had a Dash and loved it. We had a lot of fun with this toy and I love toys that help kids learn more about technology. It can be hard to find the right one but this one has a lot to offer so it takes a while to get bored with it. I love the looks of it and all of the fun games!

  • I think its amazing how this products help kids learn STEM. More and more I am hearing more programs and products that is geared to educating and getting kids interested in STEM. I wish it was super educational toys like this around when I was growing up

  • This looks and sounds so cool. I bet my granddaughter would love this. She is really into tech toys. And Best Buy is a great place to shop for them.

  • The STEM learning products that Best Buy has for kids are so great. I saw a lot of them at the Mom 2.0 conference! They were so much fun to play with. Some great birthday ideas for my son!

  • What a very cool robot. I love that coding is introduced in a way that kids their age can understand and grow into more advanced coding skills as they grow.


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