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How to Cut Out All the Bad Habits in Your Life

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Bad habits hold us back. They ruin our health, they ruin our happiness, and they can even ruin our futures. There are so many bad habits as well, and the reason why they are so hard to beat is because, more often than not, they feel good. They offer us some sort of reprieve that is hard to beat, meaning that we will keep returning to our bad habit again and again. Whether this is something as seemingly harmless as eating certain kinds of foods, or something more sinister like an alcohol addiction, our bad habits are hurting us. That is why we need to shuck these habits as soon as possible and why you need to follow this guide on how to cut the bad habits out of your life for good.

Create a List of Your Bad Habits

The first step to getting rid of your bad habits is to write them down. If you want some opinions, ask your friends what they think your bad habits are. Some are more obvious than others – perhaps you drink too much – others are subtler that you might need a friend to point them out. For example, perhaps you focus too much on your own problems and cause your friends to feel like your relationship is completely one-sided. By asking, you will improve your relationship with them, and with yourself.

Write Down What You Need to Do to Change Them

The next step is to research and write down what you need to do in order to change these habits. Having a physical reminder can help you to mind how you act when you forget yourself. Of course, not all habits can be combated just with willpower alone. If you are an alcoholic, for example, it is wise to find centers for alcohol addiction in Los Angeles, so that you can couple your will to change with professional help.

Create a Habit Tracker

Habit tracking is a great way to reward yourself every single day. Be honest with your tracking as well. It can be very beneficial, after all, to make note of how often and when you break your bad habit resolution, and try to come up with ways to do better next time. For example, perhaps you resort to bad habits whenever a certain person stays over, or perhaps when you are stressed.

Replace Bad Habits with Good Habits

To help you stay away from your bad habits, try adopting a few good habits in their place. If you tend to resort to take-out or microwavable meals after work because you are too tired when you get home, try making a week’s worth of healthy dinners in advance. The healthier habits you adopt and stick with, the less time and energy you will have to resort to your old ways.

Never Give Up

Chances are, you will go back to your old habits. When you do, just remember to pick yourself back up and start again. Whether this is by recommitting yourself to rehab, or simply trying again to eat healthier, by never giving up you will improve your life and your wellbeing each and every day.


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