Creating Curb Appeal: Transformations That Will Add Wow Factor To Your Home.

Want to add wow factor to the outside of your home as well as the inside? We often put much more effort into redesigning our kitchens or living spaces than we do to the exterior of our property. But to create a house that is visually appealing from the get-go the outside is just as important. And it is better to address sagging, leaking roofs, broken tiles, shoddy guttering and crumbling windows before they get out of hand. Nobody wants his or her house to look like Miss Havisham’s! Creating curb appeal will add value to your home and prevent future problems. And it will also give you a warm and fuzzy feeling as you pull up outside. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can kick any mess beyond the curb.


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From Top To Sides

A new roof can dramatically change the appearance of your property. From Roman tiles to slate or stone, you can make a stylish visual impact by updating your roof. Natural slate will give your house a modern feel whereas plain clay tiles can refresh the period style of your home. The same can be said for the siding of your house. Companies such as John McCarter Construction can provide the expertise needed to create exceptional new siding for your property. Plush new siding will not only add value to your home but can also protect you from moisture problems and insulate your house. Professionally installed siding will defend your home from issues such as ocean spray, hail, high winds and insects infestations. Two or three shades of siding color can also create a stylish impact that will give your house the wow factor.


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Giving It Some Front

Giving your front door and porch a complete refresh is an affordable way to instantly update your home. You can choose everything from hardwood to UPVC and aluminum to composite. Go contemporary or traditional, quirky or cool. Your front door is the icing on the cake to your home’s exterior and should take pride of place. Go bold with your color choices. Shy away from black or white and go with subdued period colors or chic Mediterranean blues or yellows. If you want a color that pops, opt for a bright red, but if you prefer an industrial look, consider stainless steel. The key here is to create something stunning that will set your house apart from the crowd. A designer will be able to add anything from bespoke glass windows to chic side panels. Or even made-to-measure hardwood to sleek and contemporary address numbers.


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The Eyes Of Your House

If you want to make a big impact with the exterior of your house invest in window replacements. Renewing your windows can change the whole personality of your home. With professional expertise, you can create larger window frames to enable more light to flood into your house. You can also choose sleek contemporary frames or traditional framework that is in keeping with the period style of your property. Sliding sash windows can be installed to add character to a modern home. And super swish skylights can be put in for a plush design that creates the illusion of more space.



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