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Moving With Kids: How To Make The Transition Fun And Enjoyable

If you’re moving to Manhattan or across another country with your kids, likely, they don’t have a good feeling about it. Aside from leaving their friends and their school behind, they don’t know what awaits them in your new location, making them more anxious and fearful about the move. 

Fortunately, there are ways to ensure that everything will be much more comfortable and smoother for them.

As a parent, here’s how you can make moving fun and enjoyable for your children:

  1. Explain The Excitement Of Moving

Generally, children have a negative perspective on moving. They often see it as something that separates them from the people they love and the things they used to do for years. Because of this, it’s essential to explain to your kids the excitement part of the relocation. This can help change their perspective and, in turn, make a move more fun and enjoyable for them.

For instance, find time to sit with your children and tell everything they need to know about the transition. Remind them that even if it can be uneasy, the entire transition will become adventurous. Also, encourage them to come up with the list they want to do during the move. That way, they can make the process more exciting for them.

  1. Let The Kids Pack Their Things

Of course, with your guidance, allow the kids to pack their things to make them feel that they’re involved in the process. So, provide them with an empty moving box and let them do whatever they want to do. Perhaps, you can ask them to make a treasure box where they can put their favorite things such as their toys, books, pillows, and a lot more.

Once they’re done, let them decorate their boxes by putting out stickers, tape, and whatever craft supplies they have. Your kids will surely be happy about their fancy boxes.

While you pay attention to your kids during the packing course, it’s best to hire experienced cross country movers to tackle the difficult aspects of the move. Having them can make your family’s moving experience more seamless. Instead of worrying about the relocation tasks, you can transfer the burden to these professionals while you make a move a happy adventure for your little ones.

  1. Take The Kids To See Your New Place Before You Move

Although your children might be sad to say goodbye to their old home, they can be excited to see their new place. It can help them have a better idea of what they should look forward to when they arrive at your new destination.

Hence, always find time to take your kids to your new home before moving in. Let them visit the different parts of your house and meet the neighborhood. Also, bring them to the park and any amusement centers to have some fun. If there’s more time, walk around the city and see the neighboring establishments near your residence. By doing this, they’ll become more thrilled to relocate there with the whole family.

  1. Organize a Goodbye Party

As mentioned, it might be hard for your kids to say goodbye to their friends and classmates in school. Thus, to make the moving transition less stressful but more enjoyable, hold a goodbye party for your little ones. This event will allow them to bid goodbye to their friends and classmates and to exchange contact information with them.

In doing so, help your kids gather their friends’ contact information by listing it down in a notebook. Once you’re done, take some photos of the event and create a memoir book for your little ones to cherish for a lifetime. This simple gesture of yours can make them feel that moving is fun and exciting.


Indeed, moving can be stressful, especially when your kids are involved. But, with the information mentioned above, you can make moving enjoyable and exciting for them. So, follow these tips and create a fun-filled relocation experience for the family. And in case you’re moving from or to a metropolitan city like New York, work with professional movers to ensure success.



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