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Create Your Own T-Shirt with Silk Screen Technology.


Are you tired of searching for the t-shirt you have been dreaming of? With silk screen technology, you can stop dreaming about the shirts you want to wear and create your own. T-shirt design is actually quite simple using today’s technology.

It begins with an idea and ends with a beautifully printed shirt that looks similar to the ones you find in stores across the globe. To get started, use a computer design program to create your artwork for the shirt. Make sure to save the image in vector format. Then, you can begin the screening process.

This begins with printing the design onto transparency film. Then, you coat each film with light sensitive emulsion and expose them to UV lights. After the films have been exposed, you can rinse them in water. Once they are clean, you place them on screens so you can print the design on your t-shirt. After the design is transferred to the shirt, it is important to cure it with heat. You can repeat this process with multiple designs to create your own unique wardrobe, or you can start your own t-shirt design company. There are endless possibilities when you combine digital technology, silk screening, and a basic t-shirt. You will love being a fashion designer for your own closet or for others. For tips and tricks to get the best results with silk screening, refer to this infographic below.

Take a moment to view the graphic below to learn more.

Screen Printing Instructions Infographic



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