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  Cosmetic Procedures in the UK Vs. Abroad: What are the Pros and Cons?

Cosmetic surgery is a globally thriving segment in the wellness industry. According to a recent survey, the pandemic has led to a ten percent increase in the demand for cosmetic surgery. However, the popularity of cosmetic surgery varies from one country to another, with individuals demanding certain cosmetic procedures more than others.

For instance, the need for breast augmentation has been rising in the UK since 2011. This demand has led many patients to seek cheaper solutions outside of their home country. This article compares cosmetic procedures in the UK to other countries, considering the pros and cons. We’ll begin with the cons.



Travelling abroad for cosmetic procedures has a number of cons, including;

Determining the Legitimacy Of Professionals

Dealing with cosmetic professionals abroad can be risky because you may be unfamiliar with the standards and ethics governing their practice. As a new entrant to that country, you may not know the type of due diligence to verify a clinic’s authenticity. If the procedure was done in the UK, ensuring the name under which your cosmetic surgeon operates is legitimate will be easier. This might make seeking cosmetic surgery abroad more challenging compared to at home.

The truth is that the UK has a fair share of cosmetic surgical professionals across various cosmetic surgery segments from hair, to skin and beyond. One example is the Harley Street Hair Clinic, which has helped alter the stigma around hair loss with educational content via its website, Many UK brands like this continue to make tremendous strides on the global stage.

Risk of Infection and Other Diseases

One major disadvantage patient seeking treatment abroad have to deal with is the differences in the health situations between multiple countries. Some diseases and infections may be more prevalent in other countries compared to the UK. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider the risk of infections and other diseases before moving out of the UK.

Continuation of Care

Aftercare is a vital part of every surgical procedure. Getting a different professional to handle the surgery and another for your aftercare can lead to inconsistencies in your treatment. If you think you’ll need aftercare in the UK, you’re better off having the operation there too.


So, now that the cons are out of the way, what are the reasons influencing people to travel abroad when they can find numerous options for cosmetic procedures in the UK? We’ve listed a few below.


Cosmetic surgery can be capital intensive. Understandably, people lean towards areas with cheaper health costs. Cosmetic surgery prices are relatively high in the UK, compared to most countries. For many countries abroad, the competition and the emerging health technology drive down the costs, making their procedures affordable.


Patients have varying opinions and reservations about cosmetic surgery. Many will agree that cosmetic surgery is sophisticated and getting the procedure from the wrong person can lead to alarming complications. For this reason, patients will not miss a chance to get treatment from some of the world’s best cosmetic surgeons, even if it means moving out of their countries for it.


The cosmetic industry is a hotspot for trends. These trends influence patients’ decisions. Often, celebrities are the main proponents of these trends. Sometimes, all it takes is a viral social media post about a celebrity receiving a full makeover from a specific cosmetic surgeon.

Generally, medical tourism is gaining ground worldwide and travelling abroad has its perks, but the risks involved should not be overlooked.



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