Considering a new career? Discover why being a lawyer could be the perfect path for you

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Are you a mom looking for a change in career? Or maybe you’ve been stuck in the same job for years and you want a challenge? Throwing yourself into a new vocation isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly, however it may interest you to know that more people than ever are heading back to college and becoming lawyers. 

But what makes a career in law so attractive? Here we’ll examine why more people than ever before, at all stages of life, decide to become representatives of the law. 

Helping others

There are plenty of vocations that are based around helping others. From nursing to social care, even teaching and occupational therapists. However, this is where lawyers stand apart. Lawyers are there to help those who are trapped in a legal wormhole. They’re confused, frightened and their entire future could be in the balance. They want someone who can fight their corner and support them and their interests. 

Whether you’re dealing with a victim of medical negligence or someone who has become suddenly disabled and their social security benefits have been denied (click the link for more info on lawyers dealing with Social Security Disability cases in Pittsburgh) – as a lawyer, you’re giving your clients a fair chance in the courtroom. 

There are many avenues to choose from

Law isn’t just a one size fits all role. Becoming a lawyer means selecting a specific area of law to practice. From family law to environmental law, personal injury, criminal law and business law are just some of the more popular avenues that budding attorneys choose to practice. It’s a varied role, with plenty of career options to select from.

The salary

Of course, lawyers can expect a sizeable salary. However, the volume of this salary will depend on your experience and where you’re located. For example, a city-based lawyer with years of experience will be expected to earn more than a counterpart with less experience and who works in rural areas. However, regardless of your geographical location, it’s safe to say that lawyers are some of the best-paid individuals around.

The challenge

Wanting to push your logic skills? How about your problem-solving abilities? To be a lawyer you’re going to need to work on both of those and more. Your studies will be challenging enough, however, once you graduate it doesn’t stop there. You’ll be expected to keep on top of your understanding of the law and get to grips with ever-changing legislation and laws. All whilst balancing several cases at once and keeping your client’s best interests in the picture. 

And finally, you have more flexibility

Being a lawyer isn’t just a 9-5 job. It’s a vocation. A passion. It’s hard work, but you’ll get to enjoy the flexibility that comes with it. You can select the division of law you want to practice, choose your own hours, set your own fees and decide which clients you want to work with. While many lawyers-in-training start off in other practices, who will ultimately dictate what they do on a day-to-day basis, it’s exciting to know that in time you’ll get to enjoy the flexibility of the industry. 



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