Consequences for A Conviction of Driving Under the Influence

Getting a conviction for driving under the influence sounds bad in itself but the consequences are even worse. A piece of common advice for anyone arrested for driving under the influence is to hire a DUI lawyer as soon as possible. Frankly, that advice should be the golden rule for handling a DUI charge given the possible consequences for a conviction of driving under the influence. Hiring an impaired driving lawyer will not only help you defend yourself against a DUI charge but can also minimize the effects of the possible consequences below. 

Having to Pay Higher Insurance Rates

A conviction for a DUI can mark you as a high-risk person for insurance providers. Insurance companies want to cover themselves for possible future expenses from someone with a DUI conviction and so they either charge higher rates or decline to provide insurance altogether. It is also not uncommon for insurance rates to start at twice the standard rates for someone with a DUI conviction. 

Losing Driving Privileges

Driving is just one of the privileges that you may lose following a conviction for driving under the influence. Even a first offence can mean losing driving privileges for a year unless your DUI lawyer can negotiate a shorter duration for this penalty. 

Difficulties with Finding Work

Although not everybody loses their job after a DUI conviction, those who are unemployed may have extra difficulty finding a job. “Most companies care a great deal about their reputation and the reputation of their employees and so will usually turn down an applicant who has a permanent record hit on a background check”, says Michael Porter a private investigator with Haywood Hunt & Associates Inc

Challenges with Getting Promotions

Following a conviction, you may no longer be eligible to get certain jobs and positions no matter how good your performance is. Employers are very careful about choosing some people for a higher position because it also means more visibility for that person as a part of the company. If someone with a DUI conviction holds a high position in a company, the whole institution may be tarnished by association. 

Needing to Take Court-Ordered Classes

Completing court-ordered classes is usually mandatory for first-time offenders. These classes take a lot of time and not attending is out of the question. In places where there are no night classes or weekend classes, attending the court-ordered classes can affect school and/or work. 

Getting Fired from Your Job

Losing your job can happen more than you think possible after a DUI conviction. This may be unavoidable if you have to serve jail time and someone else needs to take over your responsibilities. 

Serving Jail Time

Serving jail time may be possible to avoid for a first DUI conviction if the details of the case are not as bad but it cannot be avoided for subsequent convictions. Spending time behind bars may last for a few weeks to possibly months and can have a huge impact on other aspects of your life such as your family, your job, finances, and more. 

You don’t have to suffer any of the above consequences if you’ve been arrested for a DUI. With an experienced DUI lawyer, it is possible for you to avoid a DUI conviction or negotiate the penalties to minimize the consequences. 


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