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For every Indian MBA aspirant, who does not wish to go abroad, the top-ranked Indian School of Business, or ISB, remains the most popular choice. Naturally, every MBA admissions consultant must understand the distinctive challenges of ISB admissions to be able to secure the best results for their students. In this aspect, Experts’ Global has mastered a stronghold, unlike any ISB admissions consultant. With a record of 90% interview call-back rate for their ISB students and many of their former students accrediting their success to the firm, Experts’ Global has definitely made its mark as an MBA admissions consultant. Let us take a look at the distinctive features that make Experts’ Global’s MBA admission consulting practice such a valuable resource for ISB applicants.

Thorough Understanding of ISB

Experts’ Global have helped 100s of students ace the ISB admissions process. Naturally, they command a thorough understanding of the school’s entire application procedure. In particular, they are well aware of the nuances of the admission process that can impact the student’s application. For instance, a mentor at Experts’ Global will tell you that your chances of admission will not be affected, regardless of the application cycle you apply in; however, your chances of getting a scholarship are more limited beyond the first admission cycle. The team of mentors at Experts’ Global also commands a strong knowledge of the program offerings and can help the students rightly select the concentration and campus activities, in sync with their career goals.

Astute Theme Development

ISB asks for only two essays and no resume. Hence, the students only have the limited option of the two concise essays to present their candidature. This is where the expertise of the essay writing teams at Experts’ Global becomes important. This team is aware of the type of the content that the ISB admissions committee wants to see and can accordingly develop strong themes that transform a simple application into a compelling narrative, worthy of a seat at ISB. The Experts’ Global essay-writing teams know exactly how to highlight the students’ distinctive experiences and accomplishments.

Interview Training

In comparison to most B-schools, ISB places more importance on interviews. Experts’ Global’s robust MBA interview prep program ensures that the student is thoroughly prepared in the interview fundamentals.  This prep regime is a well-structured program that teaches the students the basic mannerisms and style of an MBA interview. This training is delivered through a set of video essays, in the first stage. These videos acquaint the student with the MBA interview basics. Next, the student answers a comprehensive questionnaire comprising of the most frequently asked MBA interview questions, following which the student faces a mock interview with the interview mentor. The interview mentor addresses the specific learning requirement in each of these mock sessions and provides honest feedback at the end of each mock interview.

Punctuality and Organization

A distinguishing factor about Experts’ Global’s work ethics, apart from their astute expertise in ISB-specific matters, is their adherence to the fundamentals of discipline and organization. As responsible mentors shaping their students’ careers, they are hands-on with the program-specific requirements and deadlines. This is one aspect of the application process that can overwhelm the students. However, the wonderfully streamlined approach followed by Experts’ Global ensures that all essays and application specifics are completed well before the deadlines approach so that the students can duly revise the essays and prepare the final version. Even students who have enrolled with only 1-month to the deadline have never complained of delays.

No Cap on Consultation; No Limits on Iterations

The admissions consulting team at Experts’ Global will put no cap on appointment hours. They will answer all your queries and rework every essay till the time you feel confident about your application. While there is only so much time that they can devote to each student, the team always strives to schedule the extra counseling sessions. This dedication and care stem from the firm’s belief that they are not merely closing deliverables but helping frame someone’s career.

Such exceptional work ethics together with thorough process understanding and  expertise makes Experts’ Global the best resource for all ISB aspirants.


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