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No doubt everybody has heard the word “root” from some techies or advanced Android users. But what does it really mean? Further follows a rather detailed introduction to the topic of rooting Android devices and some explanations on how to do it and what to do before trying to root a device using the KingRoot.

  1. What is “rooting”.

To cut the long story short, “root Android” means getting access to just anything on it, even to all the hidden settings. Used smartly, it can help optimize an Android phone, etc.

2. Safety measures before rooting an Android device.

First, it’s important to backup the device in advance.

If something goes wrong with rooting it can help to restore lost data. Then it’s necessary to make sure that the device’s battery level is at least 50%, as if the Android runs out of power supply during rooting, it can become a brick. And, the last thing to do is to find a third-party program that is able to provide high probability of success of easy and reliable rooting in just several steps. One of such free programs is KingRoot for pc.

3. Rooting Android via KingRoot installed on PC.

Step one: you should install the KingRoot and start it.

Step two: you should connect your Android device with the PC using USB cable. After being asked to use debugging mode, do so, or the connection won’t work.

Step three: after successful connection the program is going to spot your Android device and check if it is supported or not.

Step four: you should click “Start to Root” and if your device hasn’t been rooted before, the procedure will start.

Step five: during the process the device is going to restart, which is absolutely normal. At the end of the process there is going to appear a phrase “Successfully Gained Root”. In means that you’ve just rooted your Android.

Please note that such manufacturers as the Verizon and AT&T have blocked the Boot-loader. As a result their Android devices are hard to root and they have a high probability to turn into a brick during the process. So it’s definitely better not to run a rick of loosing your phone or tablet using the method mentioned above.

Android is an open operation system and because of that it is used by lots of mobile brands and has many versions. That’s why there still hasn’t been found any program that is 100% compatible with any Android device or can provide absolutely guaranteed success in rooting any existing phone or tablet with the Android OS. It’s especially true for the Android 4.4 and higher versions.



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