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Common Aches & Pains, and How to Alleviate Them.

I bet they never told you that the older you get, the more pain you start to feel. It seems like as each year passes by, we develop more and more niggling aches and pains. We didn’t expect this to happen and we weren’t prepared for it. As you hit your thirties and beyond, you’ll find that you’re more susceptible to more and more minor pains. They’re not serious, by and large, but they can affect our daily lives immeasurably. You might find that you just don’t have it in you to hit the gym, or your sleep pattern is disrupted. The good news, though, is that you don’t have to put up with it. There are ways to ease some of the more common aches and pains so that you can continue to live your life to the fullest. Don’t worry; we’ve got your back.


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Muscle Pain

Since there are so many causes of minor joint or muscle pain, it can be hard to pinpoint an effective form of relief. Your approach will depend on the reason for your symptoms, so first identify the root cause. Is it due to bad posture, overexertion, or an uncomfortable mattress? Once you’ve gotten to the bottom of your pain, you can take the steps to eradicate it. Change the way you sit, sleep or lift and you’ll reverse the effects over time.

There are, however, things you can do in the short term. For example, look at pain relief that has anti-inflammatory properties. Acupuncture, too, can be a great way to relieve pain in a natural way. Try stretching in the right way, as this can help alleviate the stress on your muscles. Of course, you can also try a cold compression to reduce inflammation. Another important step is to keep your muscles active as much as you can. The more you move, the more your body gets used to certain stretches and it will learn to strengthen those areas. For incessant back pain, try to cure your chronic pain.


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Ah, the headache. One of the most common pains we endure, and one that is a serious point of contention. It doesn’t matter who you speak to, they all seem to have their own secret remedy for a headache. The thing is, though, when you take their advice, it never seems to work for you. Sound familiar? The truth is, there is no universally defined cure for a headache, and that’s because they have hundreds of different causes.


Stress, be it work-related or otherwise, is perhaps the most common. Reducing stress at home or at work is a good step to eliminating those dull, irritating head pains. If you can, try to avoid the use of painkillers unless absolutely necessary, as your body may develop a tolerance to them. Instead, focus on deep breathing exercises, massage of the temples and neck, or a warm compress. They’re all incredibly effective at beating the headache and you’ll soon find the relief you crave.



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