Why is the color gold increasingly popular?

The color gold brings warmth and happiness to people; it is also different in style. A variety of different styles of jewelry can be described as dazzling, whether women wear business attire or evening wear, matching them can show elegant temperament. The color gold has always been a jewelry material that Europeans like very much. Its meaning is the same as the “Fu Lu Shou” found by the Chinese in the jade, which represents people’s good wishes. The steady increase in the sales of color gold jewelry in China indicates that we are in line with the international market. Because of its light weight, low price, exquisite craftsmanship and novel style, the color gold couple’s jewelry is becoming more and more popular with everyone.

What is the color gold? That is, purple, red, pink, orange, green, blue, brown or black gold (K gold), It is made of 75% gold fused with copper, aluminum, silver and other metals. The more exotic colors, such as black and blue, the more expensive the price. Compared with traditional gold and platinum, the color gold not only makes the color of colored gemstones more intense, but also reflects the exquisite and delicate metal materials.

Colorful gold jewelry has many styles, so it is favored by fashionable women. Unlike single-tone gold jewelry, colorful jewelry has many colors. In terms of gold content alone, the color gold is slightly cheaper than gold, but the color gold jewelry sold in the market is more expensive than gold jewelry. Why? Color gold jewelry is more fashionable than gold jewelry.

With the improvement of people’s living standards, modern fashion women’s pursuit of life is gradually increasing. When buying women jewelry, https://www.getnamenecklace.com/ they are increasingly pursuing autonomy, independence and individuality. Their consumption purpose is changed from maintaining value to adornment themselves. In design, gold jewelry is not as fashionable as color gold jewelry, some gold jewelry styles will be considered more old-fashioned, color gold jewelry’s design is more exquisite, stylish and changeable, so the design cost of the color gold jewelry is also more than the gold. These invisible hidden forms will eventually be reflected in the retail price.

The process of colored gold jewelry is more difficult. Everyone knows that gold is soft, so it is difficult to withstand the delicate processing technology. Therefore, gold is often used for traditional style jewelry, such as dragon and phoenix bracelets, gold necklaces and pendants. These jewelry are generally not easily deformed and damaged; Color gold is an alloy, so the hardness is higher than gold, and also has a strong ductility, it is more suitable for delicate processing, and can produce fashion, gorgeous and delicate style. Due to the complex process, the process cost of color gold jewelry is higher than that of pure gold jewelry.

The color gold jewelry is big and light weight. Color gold jewelry has great advantages in design and craftsmanship. The color gold jewelry produced is often large in size and varied in style, which can bring an unparalleled wearing effect. Compared with gold, it is lighter, more cost-effective and more colors can be selected. Therefore, more and more fashionable women begin to like color gold jewelry. Since the gold jewelry has a low hardness, the same weight of the material is made into a necklace of the same length, and we will find that the necklace made of gold is easy to break. The same type of gold O necklace needs to use more than 3 grams of gold is not easily damaged, and the same style of color gold O-chain will not easily damaged with more than 1 gram and can be done more fine. So color gold jewelry is the most cost-effective jewelry.



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