Cleaning Hacks to Get Ready for Christmas

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Holidays are soon upon us and chances are you’re already preparing for the plethora of celebrations, relatives, and food coming your way. If you are the person in the family who hosts Christmas celebrations this year, you know you’ve got a lot to do. Even if you’re keeping it small, there are still plenty of things to take care of, cleaning included. It seems that deep cleaning your home is inevitable before the guests arrive, and for that occasion, here are some cleaning hacks to help you work faster.

Get Your Kitchen Ready

Since it’s going to be the center of attention, your kitchen should be spotless. This means cleaning the cupboards inside and out and having everything you’ll need at the ready so that you don’t have to rummage through your supplies while the guests are watching.

If there’s going to be a lot of people, make sure that all your plates are clean and prepped, as well as all that extra furniture you’ll need to accommodate everyone. Do all of this beforehand, so that you don’t get lost in translation when there aren’t enough chairs or somebody finds the dust at the top of your fridge funny. Save yourself the grief and don’t let it happen.

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Make Your Guestroom Spotless

Another chore you definitely shouldn’t leave for the last moment, as you can never know how long it will take you to get it clean and orderly. Chances are you’re using your guest room as an extra storage place, and that won’t do when your parents arrive to spend a couple of nights there.

Get rid of the clutter, dust and then dust some more, make sure to let some fresh air in, and don’t forget about washing the pillows, as they gather dust a lot. You don’t want to set off anyone’s dust allergies on Christmas. If you’ve really let things get out of hand and you urgently require help, turn to domestic cleaning London companies, which will be more than happy to accommodate all your needs.

Your Living Room Should Be Squeaky Clean

Regardless of the fact if you’re having people over for Christmas or not, you want to spend your holidays in a space that’s cozy, smells of cookies and is crisp clean. For that reason, it would be wise to do deep cleaning of your sofa and armchairs, especially if there are some stains that need to be removed.

If you’ve got a rug, sprinkle generous amounts of baking soda over it before you vacuum it – it will get rid of the odors and settled dust in no time. If you’ve got pets and their hair is everywhere, you’ll want to make sure to wipe it all clean with a damp rubber glove that will help you better with this nuisance than a vacuum cleaner.

Your Bathroom Needs Attention

There’s going to be a lot of people in your home, and you can bet that all of them will visit your bathroom frequently, which is why you can’t afford to leave it unclean. Empty that trash can and make sure your mirrors are spotless by using a few drops of dishwasher rinse aid with water. Be certain to leave plenty of extra toilet paper around and when it comes to soaps and shampoos, be generous and have plenty of it, in case somebody forgot their toiletries. Most importantly, make sure that your bathroom smells by using air fresheners or even better, scented candles.

Christmas preparations can be a lot of work, true, but it all pays off when you look at the memories you create. Do your best to keep everything in check, but if something does go wrong, breathe in deeply, smile and move on, you don’t need everything to be perfect.


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