Classic Oldies Always Bring You and Your Parents Closer Together!

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For many years my family and I have enjoyed music. We come from a background of music lovers all the way back to our parents and grandparents. Even now some of us hold music degrees and one of my sisters sing with a well known gospel group called the Winans.

I know for me and my parents music always brought us all together. I can remember each of my siblings and my parents sitting in the living room listening to lots of oldies , song artists like Elvis, The Drifters, Chuck Berry, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and many more.

One things for sure if mom or dad had a rough day which I’m sure they did they never ever missed the opportunity to gather us all in the living room so we could listen to some good old classic oldies. We all were together laughing, singing,dancing and enjoying some snacks. We even were able to stay up a little longer on the weekends just so we could listen with mom and dad as they played their old tunes.  I’m telling you those classic oldies kept us together as a family for many years.

It was so funny seeing daddy dancing, he would even grab some of  my siblings and dance with them and he never skipped a beat too! Plus both my parents could sing very well…lol!

These days when we mention oldies to my own kids they laugh. You see the younger generation classifies parents like mine as the baby boomers, those are the parents who were born back in the early 40’s when World War ll was going on. Baby boomers make up a substantial portion of the population.

Believe it or not there are so many baby boomers social sites that are popular for seniors to enjoy. Whether their looking to listen to some oldies music, engage in social interaction, stay in touch with family, reminisce about those good old days with  friends or finding that great support network. I’m telling you baby boomers are embracing the social networking sites with ease these days!

 If my parents were still alive I know for a fact they too would embrace some of theses baby boomers social sites especially the ones that list all the oldies but goodies as Mom would say!





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