Choosing the Best Humidifier for Your Baby’s Nursery

If you’re making a nursery for your new baby and live in a dry climate, you should consider buying a humidifier for your ward. This is because dry air can have negative consequences on one’s skin and mucous membrane, especially during the winter.

If you’re the kind of parent who has doubts about technology in spite of hearing all the good rumors and testimonies from other people who own a humidifier, then this is just the article for you to dispel all those doubts and second thoughts.

Benefits of Having a Humidifier

You’ll find that owning a humidifier greatly outweighs the cons. Such benefits include:

  • Reduces Cold Symptoms

Adults, especially caring parents of newborn babies can definitely relate to the troubles of enduring a nasty cold. And because children under the age of 2 cannot be given cold medication, a humidifier serves as the only logical solution. The moist air from these devices helps thin out nasal secretions, which keeps clear out your baby’s nasal passages.

2. Prevents Dry Skin

In dry climates, a baby’s skin can easily become irritated and parched. This eventually leads to chapped and sore lips as well as uncomfortable, itchy dry patches. Dry air can also worsen chronic skin conditions like eczema. It’s only with the humidifier’s moist air can the baby’s skin retain it’s natural moistness, thereby decreasing eczema flare-ups and also keeping your young ward’s body soft.

3. Keeps Baby’s Noises to a Minimum

Dry air can worsen your baby’s noises, drying out their sinuses, which then causes that unpleasant stuffy feeling. The tiny nasal passages can fill up quickly, making them easily susceptible to congestion and harder for the baby to breathe. What’s worse is that without the ideal levels of moisture in the air, the inside of the baby’s nose becomes, allowing it to crack and possibly even bleed. That’s why extra moisture from a humidifier is that optimizes your child’s breathing conditions.

How to Choose a Humidifier for Your Baby’s Nursery

To help choose the best humidifier for baby, consider the following factors:

  • Capacity

If you’re operating your humidifier for extended periods, like throughout the night, then it’s best to consider the device’s tank capacity. Choosing a humidifier with a smaller tank would have you running around more than usual for refilling. But if you want a model that works for longer durations, then pick one that comes with a larger tank capacity.

2. Output Strength

This concerns a humidifier’s ability to increase and maintain moisture levels in a given space. It’s not necessary for you to pick a model with the highest output if all you want is to increase moisture around your baby’s crib. So choose a model that comes with just the right amount of output for the baby’s nursery.

3. Ease of Cleaning

You should have the proper know-how on maintaining your humidifier if you want to operate it for longer periods. Some models require users to empty and replace a humidifier’s water tank on a regular basis. Other models require weekly cleaning with either clean or vinegar. It all hinges on following the manufacturer’s instructions to maintain your device’s warranty and ensuring you do your best to prevent microbial growth.

4. Noise

Ultrasonic humidifiers are the quietest of them all. Evaporative models, on the other hand, aren’t as quiet as they require a fan. Regardless, when factoring in the noise levels, you need to check whether you’re alright with the fan noise. Some people claim that the added white noise from a fan help babies sleep.

5. Ease of Use

This part requires you to consider several things including footprint, weight, design, and features.



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