Choosing An Animated Video Production Agency

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To be seen by their target buyers, companies in the digital era need to churn out good quality video content. This can be used on websites and social media to get a message across concisely and inform target buyers why they need your products and services. 

A lot of firms do not have the right skills in-house to produce videos. Marketing generalists often lack the skills to produce good video, and hiring a full-time employee dedicated to producing video is rarely feasible for smaller firms. You need to find a reliable video production company with the right skills for your needs.

For these reasons, producing video and editing it to the right levels of quality to be published can often mean firms simply bypass video. This is a shame, because well-produced video is an excellent opportunity to showcase your firm to your target buyers. 

What is the solution?

Hiring an expert video animation company is a great place to start. By doing so, your firm can utilize the services of some of the most skilled video producers in their field, while not taking on permanent employees. Producing a regular churn of eye-catching, short videos gives you the opportunity to become known on social media platforms. 

Another advantage of an outside corporate video production company is that your firm can look bigger than the sum of its parts. Well-planned content will make your videos more engaging, and therefore increasing the chances of them converting viewers into visitors to your website. Once they are on your website, you can use other types of videos to showcase products and services and provide reassurance about your firm’s credentials.

Recruiting an animated video company

As with many in-demand products and services, there is a huge range of video production freelancers, consultants, and agencies to choose from. From a buyer’s perspective, this is good because you can be assured that there is a choice for you. On the other hand, finding the right fit for your firm can be a little challenging. 

The best place to start is to consider what you are trying to achieve with your video campaign, and what you are looking to spend on the project. The best way to go about it is to produce a little and often production plan. With this, you will have a regular flow of new content to keep viewers engaged on social media channels, as well as keeping your brand relevant. 

Turn on the style

First, consider the style of video you want to produce – in other words, how do you want your firm represented in video form? Although they produce work for a variety of different clients, many video production agencies have their own style. That means although the content may vary across different videos, their styles will remain recognizable. As a comparison, think how movie buffs can always tell who the director of a film is. Look for a few agencies that produce videos that you think will reflect your firm well. 

Produce a shortlist

Once you have done this, produce a shortlist of a few agencies in the same way you would with candidates if you were hiring a new member of staff. Do not be tempted to cut corners on this part of the process, as a little time investment here can potentially save you a lot of time and money in the long-term. 

Look through each of your shortlisted agencies’ portfolios. Any video production company worth its salt will have plenty of published works posted online from satisfied clients. You can even go one step further and look on social media for some of their clients’ current campaigns. Take a look at the videos, but also how they are performing. Are there plenty of likes, shares and comments? What is the feeling and general “buzz” around them?

Talk to your shortlisted agencies about how they produce videos with conversions in mind. Modern agencies need to realize that producing good content is only half the challenge. Monitoring conversion rates is tantamount to the success of a video campaign and drawing people to click through to a landing page to find out more information is essential. 

What are your objectives?

From the outset, be clear about what you are looking for your video to achieve. This may be building awareness of your brand with a focus on impressions and views. Alternatively, it may be a more direct message steering people to visit your website, ‘buy now’, or find out more. 

Whichever agency you choose, congratulate yourself for making an important decision for your business. Video is an enjoyable task, and recruiting a good agency makes it all the more productive. 


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