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Instant noodles are packets of freeze-dried ramen that you prepare in 3 minutes, watch in hand, and devour almost as quickly! Like many of you ate quite a bit during your childhood, teenage years, and college years. That said, you barely touch it anymore. Most people want to know are rice noodles healthy.

Indeed, during all these years, your tastes have evolved. Your palate has refined. You have tasted enough good dishes not to be satisfied with these healthy ramen noodles, which are sorely lacking in finesse.

Instant noodles

You also gained cooking skills, and after tackling a few real ramen recipes, it became hard to look forward to tasting a drastically simplified version!

Instant noodles have one huge advantage: they’re quick to make. After a long day, you often crave a big bowl of noodles, but the idea of ​​spending an hour in the kitchen turns me away. So, you arrived at a compromise (in good style) to satisfy your desires and means: the improved instant ramen.

The concept is simple: healthy noodles costco keep the noodles and the broth (the most time-consuming part), and you add fillings full of flavors. The taste is improved, but the consistency will benefit from crunchy or tender, hot or fresh, light or rich elements rather than only the noodles’ elasticity and the broth’s liquid. Here are three types of toppings to turn your instant healthy noodles into delicious recipes:

1) Add some greenery

Spring onions in a bowl of ramen, Lets face it: ramen, and instant ramen, is not very balanced dish. That said, it’s very easy to add fresh, healthy vegetables to up the taste. These vegetables can be classified into two groups:

Raw or instant-cooked vegetables

This is the easiest and fastest option for healthy noodles costco. Add, for example; young onions cut into rings, corn, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, or shallots. Just place them in the bowl when ready to serve. You can also add lettuce, thinly sliced ​​cabbage, baby spinach, or any other “leaf”. Stir them into the broth just before serving: they only need a few seconds to soften.

Vegetables to cook

Although a little longer to prepare, cooking vegetables are a good source of options to enrich your ramen dish With Broccoli, mushrooms, cauliflower. There is no specially recommended food. Please take what you like and see what it gives!

Note that you always have the option of using frozen or canned vegetables to save time.

2) Add an egg

Boiled egg for ramen, a packet of instant noodles contains starch, fat and salt. Adding an egg also provides protein. In addition, the hard-boiled egg is often an essential element of a good ramen recipe.

All you need for this is an egg and hot water to cook it in. However, the easiest way is to cook a hard-boiled egg separately, peel it, and place it in the bowl just before serving.

If you feel up to it, the alternative cooking methods are:

  • The soft-boiled egg concept is the same as for the hard-boiled egg, but the cooking is a little more difficult because you have to be precise in terms of time. Indeed, if the egg is not cooked enough, it will decompose when peeling it. If it is too much, the yolk will no longer be runny. For hunger, you can choose egg noodles healthy and tasty.


  • The egg mixed in the broth Beat the egg in a dish. Add the noodles to the hot broth, and swirl to create a rotating motion in the water. Then pour in the egg. This should cook while turning with the noodles and solidify into thin ribbons. When the egg is cooked, serve.


  • The poached egg This alternative also consists of cooking the egg in the broth but keeping it whole (it looks more like a hard-boiled or soft-boiled egg). Heat your broth, add the noodles, and wait until they are half cooked. Place a lid and let stand for 2 minutes, or until the healthy noodles costco and egg are cooked.

3) Add meat

Bowl of ramen topped with sliced ​​meat, the noodles, veggies, and egg, your dish already looks a lot more like real ramen than the instant packet suggested.

Pork and chicken are more commonly used, but any meat will do. You will have to cook it separately (in the pan, in the oven, on the grill) or reheat it in the broth if it is already cooked. When ready to serve, cut the meat into bite-sized pieces and place them in the bowl.

Assortment of condiments for ramen; this last step requires having specific ingredients on hand. Still, if you have them, it’s the quickest way to transform the broth from that little sachet of powder included in each packet of instant noodles.

All you have to do is heat some water, pour in the powdered broth, and add the sauces and condiments of your choice, such as miso paste, chili paste or oil, fish sauce, harissa, vinegar, pepper, sesame oil, animal fat, a stock cube, or even a touch of lemon juice. However, avoid adding too many elements in healthy noodles costco. It is much better to select a few flavors you particularly like than to mix everything.

Also, note that powdered broth contains a lot of salt. So be light-handed with high-salt ingredients, like miso paste or stock cubes.



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