Challenging Situations Parents Might Face And How To Plan To Overcome These Hurdles

Being a parent seems like it is constantly challenging in one aspect or another. Then there are those challenges that test the fabric of the entire family or even your relationship with your spouse. Planning to prevent certain problems is impossible as you might have never expected it to happen. The way that we react as parents is important in overcoming these problems that can turn into large hurdles in your lives. The best thing that you can do when encountering one of these situations is to not make any rash decisions. Sit down and make a plan /create a strategy that will help long term. The following are commonly encountered challenging situations parents can face and how to overcome these hurdles life puts in our path.

Financial Issues

Financial problems can come in many forms from being laid off from a steady job, poor budgeting, or unforeseen medical expenses. These are very different situations so all will be addressed as a different plan of action needs to be instituted. For those that have been let go from a long term job it is important to start working and earning as soon as possible. This does not have to mean that you get the first job offered to you but rather try your hand in the profitable area of freelancing. Freelance writers or virtual assistants can earn a consistent income that will help keep the family afloat and will allow you to take an opportunity in your career that you see fit.

Poor budgeting can be due to a family living far above their means whether it is a home that is too expensive or spend copious amounts of money on entertainment. Budgeting apps can help a family allocate money appropriately as many times poor spending habits are on account of lack of financial education. Listing out expenses can also be very eye opening as a family might not realize where they are spending a bulk of their expendable income.

Medical expenses can add up quickly even if you have insurance as a $5,000 deductible can sap a family’s emergency fund. Obviously getting a better insurance plan is ideal but this is not possible for everyone. Cutting out things like that of alcohol or tobacco will not only lower monthly expenses but this money can be spent on medical care.

Relationship Falling Apart

A relationship that is falling apart needs to be addressed before negative feelings fester for too long. Do not fight in front of the children as they might feel like your relationship problems are their fault. Seek professional help as dragging out a marriage that simply is not going to work only impacts everyone in the family negatively. A therapist or counselor will give appropriate advice on how to improve the relationship then it is up to both of you to practice these recommendations. Even if you think the suggestions are stupid try them out as these therapists are experts in helping people mend their relationships.

Parents Having A Tough Time In An Assisted Care Facility

There is a chance that you will have to put your parents in some kind of healthcare facility at one point or another. All families do not have the room or capability to take care of someone that is elderly with health problems. Your parent might be having a tough time due to poor conditions at the nursing home. Ask your parent to be honest with you as nursing home abuse is far more prevalent than most people think. Noll Law Office a Noll nursing home abuse lawyer notes “Nursing home residents are some of the most vulnerable persons in society and the least equipped to defend themselves from abuse and neglect.” Do not chalk up claims of abuse to dementia and look into them thoroughly as your parent deserve your benefit of the doubt.

Family Needs To Relocate For One Reason Or Another

There is a chance that you might not be able to afford a certain area’s taxes or living expenses. The family needing to relocate for any reason is a change that will impact everyone. The children are not going to want to leave their friends and possibly the only home they have ever known. Researching your new hometown is important as it can help get the children excited about where they will be moving. Scheduling visits back to see family or friends can even help quell some of the negative feelings a teenager would have about moving.

Parenting is never going to be an easy job and these challenging situations can happen to anyone. Do your best to overcome anything as a family as it will help bring you closer. Life is going to put hurdles in our way at times, jumping them and landing on your feet is the best we can do!



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  • There are so many Challenging Situations in life that we face so all advice is needed. I know I had the challenge of assisted care facilities with my parents and mother-in-law.


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