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Buy Flowers in Singapore, The World’s Most Expensive Flowers

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There are varieties and selections of flowers that are cheap and affordable price. On the other hand, there are also flowers that can cost millions. For expensive Flower Delivery, do you know of a Florist that offers them? If you are thinking of where to buy flowers in Singapore that are priced way too high than other flowers, the internet can be your first source. See this list of the world’s most expensive flowers and know where to buy them:

17th Century Tulip

Costing around $5,700, the value of the 17th Century Tulip is so high that only the rich and wealthy individuals can afford them for a lovely hand bouquet. The Dutch used this flower as a status symbol during the Tulipmania period which happened in 1600s. It was in the Dutch Golden Age when the rich merchants and wealthy traders flaunted their mansions and houses surrounded with the exotic blooms of Tulips. More people became hooked, too, of the craze that they chose to sell some of their belongings just to afford the high price of Tulips. The craze dropped down when they started to realize that the bulb of Tulip was not really that valuable. Tulips are still beautiful and elegant, and they are available at the florist shop Singapore for affordable price.

Gold Kinabalu Orchid

You can find this specie only at the Kinabalu National Park in Malaysia, this rare flower is expensive and may not be a regular flower to include in ordinary flower arrangement because it takes for its plant several years to bloom. The red and green colors of the blooms cost around $6,500 per piece.

Shenzhen Nongke Orchid

Developed and cultivated inside a laboratory by the Shenzhen Nongke Group, an orchid costs $202,000. This man-made type of orchid was developed for 8 long years. In 2005, it was auctioned and won by an anonymous bidder at such an expensive price.

Juliet Rose

A bouquet of Juliet Rose can cost up to $15.8 million. You can have a florist delivery of this flower on Valentine’s Day as gift to a very special someone if you have the money. It is also great for a bouquet of birthday flowers for the woman you love.

Kadupul Flower

This flower is one of the rarest flowers and it is actually priceless. It has the highest value but it cannot be sold because it only blooms at night and picking it will cause it to die.

You may not have the wealth and riches to buy these flowers but the florist in Singapore has the finest selections of flowers ideal for Flower Delivery within your budget.



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