How to Boost your Company Image through your Office?

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The office is the place where a potential business partner or client is likely to meet you and the expression “the first impression is the best impression” frequently comes into play here. So, it is imperative that your office conveys a look of professionalism and a comfortable working atmosphere at all times. An impressive company image inclusive of beaming employees will help to win those prospects over.

7 Tips to Lending a Professional Appearance to your Office

A little time and dedicated effort is all it takes to give your company a professional makeover that would work wonders for its reputation.

  • Cleanliness is next to Godliness

A spotless, neat and orderly office definitely attracts. In addition, if considering office space to get on lease whether from a broker, or from or other online listings, go with a space that has basement.  If there is no basement, there should at least be a tiny room for storage. This is the place where you can stash away excessive or unused furniture, dividers and more.

It is worth mentioning here that the kitchen and bathrooms are best located away from the central office area so that clients are not met with smells when they arrive.

  • Have a Good Reception in Place

A reception desk is a must to convey a positive business image. Your receptionist should have a polite smile, be warm and know her job well. Always keep your receptionist informed of any clients you would be expecting so that she can greet and respond to them accordingly.

Set aside some space for clients and visitors to wait. A coffee table would be nice along with some comfortable chairs or couches, depending on how much space you have.

  • Work on the Lighting

As far as lighting goes, natural is the best. Just be sure that glare doesn’t fall onto your employees’ computer screens. If sunlight is inadequate or just not there, then go with artificial lighting. Overhead lighting along with table and floor lamps makes for a wonderful combination. While table lamps are useful by way of their functionality, floor lamps would contribute a classy touch.

  • Create an ergonomic working environment

Sitting for long hours can take its toll on your employees’ neck, back and general health. Provide them with ergonomic furniture. You would make them happy as well as impress your clients about the way you care for your employees. Standing desks are becoming increasingly popular and it would be good to encourage your workforce to use them.

Check if your office computers are raised to eye level. This would reduce strain to the eyes and neck.

  • Bring in the Living Outdoors

It has been reported that bringing plants into an office environment decreases minor illness by 30 percent and absenteeism to a maximum of 50 percent. That’s reason enough to have some green foliage in your business environment. Bring in some indoor plants. Aim to choose plants that require little or nil maintenance. You can also decorate the coffee table and/or shelves with a vase of fresh flowers.

Offices are gradually opening up to the idea of allowing employees to bring their canine pets into the premises. You can too. Animals can boost team morale and energy and be a great stress-reliever.

  • Color, Décor and Personalization

Be innovative and think up a theme that would reflect the personality and values of your company and its workforce. Use appropriate items of décor to match up to the theme without going overboard, such as artwork, hallway graphics and inspirational quotes.

Traces of color in decor and furniture would lend liveliness to an otherwise boring office space.

Allow your employees to personalize their workspaces without compromising their privacy and the company’s status. They could decorate their desks with family photos, drawings done by their children or other personal effects smartly chosen so as to balance feeling at home with professionalism.

Practise these 7 tips to begin the road to improved employee productivity and great business repute and success. Wish you the very best!



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