BLACK FRIDAY DEALS: great savings on exclusive IMC Toys gift packs!

As everyone is aware, “Black Friday” is the day when we can be sure to get amazing bargains on items such as furniture, household appliances, bicycles, toys, electronics and much more.


IMC Toys has some epic deals to get your shopping started. Throughout the holiday season, discover exclusive offers for Cry Babies products with deep markdowns on gift packages through their retail partners.

Check out these exclusive deals:


Cry Babies Tiny Cuddles Music Edition 3 Pack – $15.00

Enjoy 50% off Tiny Cuddles with this exclusive offer, a major markdown from the $9.99 standard retail price for a Tiny Cuddles doll. This is a true value pack exclusively at Walmart featuring Daisy, Pearly and Dotty!


Cry Babies Magic Tears All Star 5 Pack – 50% OFF (Sale price: $25.00)


We’re giving you a sneak peek at a Cyber Monday deal, with a 50% price reduction of this 5-pack launching Monday, November 28, exclusively at Walmart. For the price, you will get 5 dolls from 4 MAJOR Cry Babies Magic Tears series!


Cry Babies Dressy Tina 12″ Baby Doll and Magic Tears Icy World Dino Pack – $34.99

toysBJ’s has an exclusive combo set featuring Cry Babies Dressy Fantasy Tina and Cry Babies Magic Tears Icy World Dino for 12.5% less than buying the products separately!


Well, there you have it, three awesome Cry Babies deals just in time for Black Friday! I don’t know about you, but I’ll be heading to Walmart to grab a few of these dolls for the girls and my nieces!


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10 thoughts on “BLACK FRIDAY DEALS: great savings on exclusive IMC Toys gift packs!

  • Wow! That’s sounds awesome! 50% is such a great deal!

  • Those are so cute! Great idea for younger kids. I need to get started on my holiday shopping!

  • I so love the amazing deals on Black Friday! So much fun and I have to get to Walmart to check out some great deals today! Love tin time ofnthe year 😉

  • wow! So many interesting items for kids. My nieces will appreciate it!

  • Such cute things that would be great for the kids. I don’t shop on black friday though.

  • I did not go shopping yesterday. I’m just not a fan of the huge crowds especially with a compromised immune system and the flu running rampant. These are some great deals. Too bad I don’t have a niece to give these too.

  • The Crybabies are so cute. I am a fan of their big eyes and the ones we have cry real tears and make a bunch of baby sounds too. Super cute for the kiddos.

  • I think my niece would love Cry Babies Dressy Tina Baby Doll! I’ll ask her mom to make sure she doesn’t have one already.


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