Better Parenting with Big Data

Big data has been the hottest topic in our culture over the past few years. Technology is moving forward and advancing by the minute. Big data has entered the world of technology and it proved to be a crucial piece in it.


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In this modern world, big data helps us utilize the immense measure of information that contemporary technology empowers us to gather with the end goal to settle on more educated choices about, well, everything.


Big data is inevitable in every aspect of modern living. Take hospitals for example, they start collecting data even before a child is brought to this world. Numbers and statistics will help parents detect a problem before it starts to happen.

Not to mention, big data is crucial when the child is born. Especially, in the early developing stages. Doctors advise that parents keep an eye on the number of times their children go potty, eat, drink how many hours of sleep they need and even the frequency. All of that data is important when it comes to raising healthy children. Alarming numbers can indicate a potential problem which often times can be fixed.


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There are numerous apps and gadgets to catch big data. There are apps or gadgets like FitBit for babies that can measure vital signs and can predict potential problems based on patterns. Or, there are apps like Evoz. Evoz helps gather automated data by capturing with the help of Wi-Fi. That data can help parents to see their children’s behaviors in comparison to other children their age.

Big data doesn’t stop there. Once they have grown and started going to school, data takes another role. Big data can help you see where you children have difficulty learning. Data at this stage can come in so many forms, for example grades, performance percentage, number of missed classes etc. Also, you can see what your children are into at early stages. If your child is getting good numbers on Art subjects, when maybe it’s time to consider buying them a canvas and help them spark their passion early.


Even though, big data is great and pretty accurate in determining potential issues. One thing to remember is that children are not robots. Numbers can sometimes lie and cannot be taken too seriously. When it comes to human lives, nothing can be 100% predicted in advance. There is no guarantee.

Often times, people carried away with big data. They start to panic when they see bad grades at school and start to think that their children are not that intelligent. At the end, a lot of factors can influence those numbers. Maybe that child needs more time to study or requires more help with studying or lacks the motivation. That’s why, big data can be a live saver but not a life maker.


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