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Best Seven Ways to Rid Your Home of Pests

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Being at home should feel relaxing and comfortable, but this can be a problem when there is a pest control issue. Bugs and other critters are savvy and able to find their way inside. For this reason, learning how to keep them out and get rid of them if this happens will provide peace of mind and keep the home a safe space.

  1. Set Traps

One of the most common ways to get rid of pests at home is to use traps. While most are toxic to the pests, they are typically safe for humans and household pets. This is important because safety is essential when trying to rid the home of an infestation. As long as the traps are set diligently, there should be no issue with keeping them away from those who live in the house. Setting them up in dark corners or other nooks where pests can enter is going to be most effective.

  1. Clean Messes

A large part of pest control in the home has to do with how messy the area is. If there are pests getting inside, this usually means they are able to access food. Remember, many pests eat trash or other things humans consider waste. By always making sure crumbs are cleaned off surfaces and other waste is picked up, this will lessen the odds of encountering pests indoors.

  1. Declutter

Another way to make sure pests stay clear of the home and surrounding areas is to declutter any spaces that have become too crowded. Pests enjoy the safety of a dark and cluttered space. To them, this is a reason to never leave because they will feel protected. When all areas are organized, there is no reason for these pests to want to stick around. It will also be easier to set up traps if necessary.

  1. Use Essential Oils

Many pests have a very strong sense of smell. While this might attract them to messes and food, it will also repel them when a smell is present that they hate. There are several essential oils that can be diffused in an oil burner or in the form of a candle. These scents are often pleasant to humans, which makes for an added bonus. Some of them include lavender, lemongrass, citronella, and eucalyptus.

  1. Call an Exterminator

If the problem persists, hiring a professional is a good idea. An exterminator has the products and experience necessary to deal with any type of pest problem. Whether the pests have already made an entrance or are gathering outdoors, an exterminator’s job is to ensure that an infestation does not develop. Regular sprays from an exterminator truly help because pests will learn to stay away for good.

  1. Turn on Lights

Since a lot of pests are attracted to the dark and feel safe there, turning the lights on at night and allowing the sun to shine in during the day can help. This highlights any large spaces where pests would ordinarily settle. Many of them are also nocturnal, so they would only like to come out at night. Even simple night lights in hallways and rooms can assist with illuminating these spaces to the point where the pests will not want to stay.

  1. Cleaning Solutions

There are many ways to create natural and nontoxic cleaning solutions to use on surfaces. Two of the most common that deter pests are a 50/50 mix of vinegar and water as well as a 50/50 mix of borax and water. Putting either one of these solutions in a spray bottle makes great cleaning products that will not put anyone’s health at risk but will deter any pests who try to enter the home at the same time.

With all of the solutions above, pests will no longer be an issue. These are all very good ways to ensure the home stays a safe and clean place. An added bonus is that more cleaning and organization is encouraged during the process.


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