Best Scandinavian capitals for family visits

If you are planning a vacation to Scandinavia with your family, you are probably wondering which cities of Scandinavia are most kids friendly.  The good news is (and there is no bad news!) that all Nordic Capitals are well equipped for entertaining adults as well as children and teenagers. You whole family will enjoy the charming Nordic capitals; Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo & Helsinki. These cities are elegant, modern, and entertaining with innovative restaurants, beautiful and trendy boutique hotels, and an abundance of world-class museums and amusement parks. All Scandinavian capitals are surprisingly cosmopolitan and eco-friendly. The new generation of Nordic playgrounds allows kids to interact with nature during their city stays, offering imaginative play, ‘dangerous play’ and interacting with nature.

Actually, all Nordic countries are one of the best family holiday destinations in the world. You will find many different kinds of attractions there, and the countries are very safe to visit. The most popular theme parks and attractions enjoyed by visitors of all ages are Tivoli and Legoland in Denmark, Kristiansand Dyrepark in Norway and Liseberg in Sweden.


Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is situated on 14 islands with more than 50 bridges. Walking through cobblestone streets and ochre-colored buildings of the old town you will find the 13th-century   Cathedral, the Nobel Museum and the Royal Palace. Ferries and sightseeing boats take visitors and locals from one island to another. This beautiful capital of Sweden is open to anyone and everyone. It’s a curious city, eager to try anything new and different. When in Stockholm don’t miss out on the maritime Vasa Museum, the world’s first open-air museum Skansen and of course the ABBA museum if you are interested in the Swedish music history.  For those who are into food, there are many Michelin starred restaurants, and other good restaurants well worth a family visit. There are a few big cities in the world friendlier to kids and their parents. Here are five fun playgrounds for children in Stockholm and also Gröna Lund, the beautiful amusement park, and special areas for kids of all ages, like Tekniska Museet and Naturhistoriska.


Helsinki, Finland’s capital, is located on a peninsula in the Gulf of Finland. Its central avenue, Mannerheimintie, offers a visit to National Museum, displaying artifacts on Finnish history from the Stone Age to the present, a contemporary art museum, and the imposing Parliament House.  Ornate red-brick Uspenski Cathedral overlooks a harbor. A third of Helsinki is covered with greenery offering outdoor activities and relaxation. Just outside the city center, you can find Central Park and its forests with all kinds of outdoor activities. To escape the city life ultimately visit the two large national parks of Sipoonkorpi and Nuuksio, which are a short bus-journey away from the center of Helsinki.


Copenhagen, the splendid capital of Northern Europe, is Scandinavia’s most fantastic city.   The city is one of Europe’s most beautiful capitals with the monarchy the oldest in the world. The reasons to visit Copenhagen are countless. Because of the fascinating architecture, beautiful parks, gourmet restaurants, and numerous other attractions, Copenhagen is a very popular place to visit.

Visiting the city with kids or not, young or old Copenhagen will have much to offer. In Copenhagen, you will find entertainment for adults and kids, culture, and shopping. You can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and most visited destinations such as Tivoli Gardens amusement park and the Copenhagen Zoo. The city is historic but also very youthful and innovative. Many come here to enjoy exceptional food. There are plenty of well-known gourmet restaurants, and you can enjoy traditional Danish open-faced sandwiches.

Copenhagen is a coastal town. On the shore outside the town, you can pay a visit to the little mermaid – a famous sculpture that depicts the protagonist of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale “The Little Mermaid”. Copenhagen also has several beautiful parks, and the botanical park Have.


Oslo, the capital of Norway, is known for its green spaces and museums. The most famous ones are the Norwegian Maritime Museum and the Viking Ship Museum, with Viking ships from the 9th century. Don’t forget to visit a ski-jumping hill with panoramic views of the fjord and also a ski museum.  Oslo can be enjoyed as much by children as by adults. Oslo Summer Park, one of Scandinavia’s largest climbing parks is just 30 minutes from the city center and TusenFryd Amusement Park, Norway’s largest amusement park, with more than 30 attractions, special rides for the smallest kids, and the water park BadeFryd are just a few places for family visits. Akershus Fortress should be visited to discover Oslo’s history and enjoy a summer day.

Each Scandinavian capital has its unique characteristics, but the common features of all of them are that they all are vibrant with life, modern, and at the same time cherishing their historical heritage.



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