Best recommendations for students on how to improve writing skills.

Essay is a real challenge for most of students and it is wiser to work over improvement of own writing skills as this feature might be useful in your college and later in you business life.

Tips on improving writing skills

Students are known as busiest ones – always trying to receive highest grades during studying years, writing best papers while combining academic achievements with obtaining professional experience. At same time while making career plans, applying for a job or managing personal life they have to dedicate a lot of time to educational process like writing essays or preparing other academic writings. But where to find time for settling all these issues and preparing academic papers?

Some students prefer working by themselves and working hard for own grades, but we all understand how hard it is in contemporary world, therefore, sometimes it is wiser addressing professional online essay writer to entrust him with your essay. If you have enough time, maybe, it is better to improve own writing skills following these easy recommendations:

  1. First advice is the most obvious one: when you have free time – read other people’s essays, pay attention to their structure, writing style, chosen words. Jot down linking words and phrases to use them later in your own work. Doing so will help you to develop and build your own essay-writing style. Choose different disciplines to make your study this will make your vocabulary wider. While reading – be critical, pay attention to the details you don’t agree with and why.
  2. Pay attention to enriching your vocabulary as it will allow you to express freely all your ideas. Here are some tips on how you can activate your vocabulary:

Read as much as you can. Fiction, articles from scientific magazines – anything that contains new information and may be interesting for you and useful in the future.

Subscribe to a ‘word a day’ email. It is so easy to create a folder in your email and store there all your vocabulary subscriptions.

In your daily assignments use thesaurus, try finding as much suitable synonyms as possible.

Learn new prefixes, suffixes and roots as they are used often in speech and can change the meaning of the word completely.

Start own vocabulary book. It may sound silly but helpful as this method improves your memory and you can always write down an interesting expression you want to use in future. Don’t forget to open it up, once in a while, and make an effort to learn something new. With enlarged vocabulary your writing will become significantly better.

  1. Build your argument Use language effectively as it is a massive asset in building a great argument. Try not using same words few times during your argument and don’t overuse following ones: moreover, really, you, think, a lot, used to, just, etc. and many other. It is wiser using following words in your thesis: moreover, however and furthermore.
  2. Pay closer attention to your syntax, punctuation as it vital for conveying your arguments persuasively. Make no grammar mistakes and choose active voice over passive.

Without any doubts following tips will allow you to improve writing skills and impress professors with comprehensive and responsible attitude to assignment. Here are a few Italian Grammar tips to help you learn a language based on 4 common language skills


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