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Best Design Themes for a Perfect Children’s Room

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Psychologists recommend equipping a separate room for a child when he/she is 2-4 years old. At this period, the individuality and independence of the child begin to form, and he/she needs personal space to play and develop.

Many companies, such as, offer ready-made design solutions for children’s rooms. Let’s take a closer look at all aspects.

Main Points

When arranging a nursery, it is important to take into account all the details. Every element of the interior, such as furniture, style, pattern, color, toys, is important. Correctly selected patterns and color combinations will create a cozy atmosphere and allow the child to feel comfortable and protected.

Particular attention should be paid to materials: environmentally-friendly materials will be pleasant to the touch, will not cause allergies, and will last longer.

The Most Popular Designs

Dragons of Walton Street is a British top manufacturer of children`s furniture. It creates exclusive interiors for playrooms, nurseries, and bedrooms. The company offers several ready-made design themes:

  • Beatrix Potter. This design has been loved by children and adults from all over the world for over a century. Dragons of Walton Street Company is licensed to use Beatrix Potter’s magical fairy-tale illustrations on its products. This way, you can stylize your child’s entire room with cuddly images of cute bunnies.


  • Vintage Safari. These illustrations are carefully designed by the professional team of Dragons. Vintage Safari takes your child into the world of adventure and wild nature. This design inspires creativity and freedom. Let your child go on an exciting safari in search of zebras, monkeys, lions, and ostriches. This design theme will be equally interesting for both boys and girls.

Individual Order

Aside from ready-made designs for a children’s room, you can create any interior you want. You do not need to be limited to the list of products on the site. Every detail of the Dragons interior is handcrafted and painted; so, you can be bold in your ideas. Make your kids’ dream room, and Dragons will help you!



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