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Bedrooms have changed over the years. These are no longer spaces to which we retreat after long days at the office. They are now sanctuaries where we meditate, journal, watch our favorite series, and unwind with green teas at night. The interest in beautifying these spaces has only grown, more so in 2021. But can you blame people? They spent months cooped up in their houses, realizing that they had spent so little time in these spaces that they had barely worked on them. Do you feel that 2021 is the time for a new color theme? Let’s look at which ideas can work great for this intimate space:


Beachy Blue and White

What comes to your mind when you look at beachy blue? Most people can almost hear the sound of crashing waves and the feel of sand beneath their feet. This theme transports them to a vacation some time ago or a fantasy of living on an island. Why not bring it to life? You don’t even have to paint the whole room from scratch. It’s as easy as getting a beachy blue and white themed temporary removable wallpaper and hanging it on your wall. It’s easy to install, and if you ever want to change the theme, removing it will literally be a breeze.

Emerald Green and White

If the beach vibe does not work for you, immersing yourself in nature can help. The use of floral temporary wallpaper has increased in the past few years. It boasts green hues that have calming effects on the body and soul. Have you ever noticed how relaxed you get after spending time in nature? Or how calm you feel when you introduce a plant in your home? You can expect the same with this color scheme. It gets even better. Green is a bold color and will immediately make the room feel alive. It might be time for some more contrast with healing benefits.

Navy and Tropical

Are you thinking of taking off for the weekend and getting lost on an island somewhere? While you can always do that, we have another way to embrace the beauty of the tropical islands – by getting a tropical theme wallpaper. Of course, working with so many colors may seem like a challenge. That’s the beauty of navy. It has a subduing effect on all these colors and creates a balance in the room that helps you get that island vibe without being too much. Here’s how you can introduce the vibe- you can either have the wallpaper in subdued tropical themes lining all the walls or create an accent wall. If you do not have a focal point in the room, we recommend creating an accent wall with a loud tropical wallpaper. The navy can then cover the rest of the sections and work to complement the main player.

White, Black, and Brown

Why work with two colors when you can get the beauty of three? This combination features two classics- white and black. Has anyone ever gone wrong with matching these two? Their contrasting yet complementary effects make decorating any room relatively easy. Even people who barely understand what goes where can get this right. So, what happens when you introduce brown tones to the mix? You create the aspect of warmth. Brown notes are known for their depth and light play in the room. So, rather than having your bedroom feeling a bit bland, the brown increases its intimacy. You should enjoy the room more this way. To increase the intimacy, do not hold back on matching the wall colors to the accessories in the room.

Mocha and Ivory

What’s your favorite type of coffee? Are you a latte person, or do you prefer to go the mocha way? Let’s consider the latter, with its deep, enticing color that makes any coffee or coffee cake look even more appetizing. It can do the same for your bedroom. The mocha brings in the darker tones that lend into the brown hues, creating a sense of depth and privacy. We all need that in our bedrooms- the sense of being alone and having a space to ourselves. But of course, you might not want to end up in a room that feels too closed off from the world. That’s why we add a touch of ivory to this look. Okay, not just a touch, but a whole lot of ivory to bring in some radiance and airiness to the space. Focus on using ivory as the main focal point and have the mocha play the supporting role. Or you could do it the other way around but add some golden and teal accents to liven up the room.

Lavender and Champagne

Bedrooms are becoming more luxurious by the day and are no longer as bland as they once were. Everything seems to fall into place, from the furniture to the fittings to the rugs to the accessories. So, it makes sense that you would complete this look with a color scheme that also boasts luxury. These two hues are not only complementary but also unexpected. You see, most people opt to go with white because of how easy it is to pair with other colors. But that can get boring, and the bedroom can start feeling like a bit of a hospital room. Champagne and lavender do not have such effects and will transform your space into a relaxing yet elegant room. Any tips? Sure. Don’t overdo the accents, and instead, let them play into each other, with none forming the focal point.

Ivory and Light Gray

Remember when we introduced the idea of mocha and ivory? While this is a fantastic concept, it can still feel too closed off to some people. Do you feel this way? Then we have an alternative. Light gray and ivory play into each other so well, creating a soothing environment where you can experiment with tons of accessories. Their neutrality allows you to try bringing in lighter, darker, or even neutral shades in the room without hurting the aesthetic.


What color scheme suits your bedroom and why?


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