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Benefits of Wall Mounted Baby Monitor and How to Install It

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Experiencing the ups and downs of being new parents? Well, that is quite common and don’t worry as you will get through this smoothly. You must have made sure that everything is perfect for your baby starting from the crib to clothes and the room. But one thing that you need to get is a wall mounted baby monitor. Having a baby monitor can provide you with all the essential information and updates that you need about the baby when you are not around. If you are wondering about whether or not you need a baby monitor, then you are at the right place. Read on to know more about its benefits and how you can install it.

Why new parents need wall mounted baby monitor?

Anxiety and stress is quite common for the new parents as you are always worried about your baby. While you are with your baby, it is fine. But when you are not, then having a baby monitor can help you in different ways. It can serve you will a lot of benefits other than watching your bundle of joy and love taking a nap. Here are the reasons why new parents need baby monitor:

  • Peace of mind: The baby monitor helps you to check on your baby every now and then. You don’t have to feel the urge to constantly visit the baby’s room to check on him or her. You can just monitor each and every activity remotely. This reduces the anxiety and stress level providing better peace of mind.
  • Do your activities: Whether you have to go to the bathroom or you have to complete some other works. Being new parents, it can seem to be quite difficult for you to leave your baby in the crib behind. But with the baby monitor, you can keep on monitoring on your baby all the time to ensure that he/she is perfectly fine. So, you can concentrate on the work you are doing or take that shower peacefully.
  • Take rest: As soon as you become new parents, it can be quite hectic for you to be active throughout the day. This stress can take a toll on your health if you don’t take rest adequately. But many parents can’t even rest properly or take a nap because they are worried about the baby. With the help of the baby monitor, you can get all the essential updates as well as notifications and alerts in case there is any movement. 
  • Monitor your baby from outside: Working parents are always worried about their baby even if they have a nanny to take care of the baby. But with the help of the wall mounted baby monitor, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. You can even monitor and check your baby’s activity from outside the house too, whether you are at your office or at a shop or bank etc.

How to install the baby monitor on the wall?

The best and safest place to install the baby monitor is on the wall. This way it will be out of the reach of your baby and it will remain untouched and undamaged. Here are some of the important points to know while installing:

  • First, you have to choose a spot on the wall from where the view to the crib or the entire nursery is very clear. 
  • Attach the monitor to the wall with the essential accessories and these accessories may or may not be supplied with the baby monitor.
  • It is better to fix a small flat shelf or rack on the wall (your preferred location) and fix the baby monitor there.
  • Make sure to adjust the monitor by panning or tilting to find the right angle so that it doesn’t miss any footage.


These are some of the benefits of the wall mounted baby monitor and all about how you can install it. Remember to install the baby monitor at least 3 feet away from the crib so that the baby cannot reach the monitor at any cost. There are several baby monitors available in the market with different amazing features. You can choose one based on the requirements and preferences to ensure that the monitor can help you to keep a constant track on your baby, whatsoever.


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