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Back Pain Causes: Finding the Source

As one grows older, the body’s natural capacity to handle various activities and stress decreases. That is why the older one gets, the more prone the body is to pains. One of the most common types of body pain almost everyone has experienced at least once in their life is the backache.

Because it is a common condition, people who suffer from backaches often find a cure at home or through medications. However, for people who suffer from chronic conditions, the solution might not be that easy. Finding back pain relief in Lehi or other areas with the help of a chiropractor or other alternative treatment methods will only be effective and possible if you understand the source of your back problems.

Back pain can be caused by various factors, but here are three of the most common sources:

  • Muscle problems

Lifting heavy objects or making a wrong move while doing your routine exercise or while playing a sport is one of the most common causes of back pain. Strain and stress in your back muscle will cause inflammation that can lead to pain. For such cases, home remedies like applying hot or cold compresses or applying medicated topical ointments can help relieve the pain. Sometimes, doctors can prescribe over the counter pain relievers as well.

  • Spine related problems

For people with chronic back problems, home remedies and simply taking a pill or two often does not remove the pain. For example, a herniated disc happens when the jelly-like substance in the lumbar disc breaks through the outer layer and irritates a nerve; therefore, causing pain. Degenerative disc disease is a condition where the intervertebral disc loses hydration as one age, which makes it more susceptible to weakening and tear that causes pain.

Then, there is osteoarthritis, a condition that causes wear, tear, and inflammation at single or multiple levels of the spine. It is also possible for the spinal canal to narrow down. The condition is known as spinal stenosis. All these conditions require professional medical intervention and can be treated medically, through therapy and alternative medical treatments, and for more severe cases, through an operation.

  • Other medical conditions


While areas in the back commonly cause back pain, other organs in the body that are not functioning properly can also cause pain and discomfort. Having kidney stones will not only give one a hard time passing urine; it also causes back pain, which will only be relieved once the stones have passed. For women, pelvic/reproductive conditions are often accompanied by back pains.

Pre-menstrual syndrome is a common cause of back pain. But women with pelvic inflammatory diseases and endometriosis can also suffer from inflammation not just in the pelvic area, but also in the back. A thorough medical examination is required to find the root cause of the problem, especially if the pain is caused by underlying medical conditions.

Back pain is uncomfortable and can affect one’s daily life, depending on its severity. That said, finding the cause of the pain in order to determine the right treatment is important.



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