Baby shower planning like a pro: top tips to consider

So, you have been assigned to prepare the baby shower party for your best friend who is celebrating her splash into motherhood. Whether she might have asked you to do it or you have offered, it is an honor! Usually, the mom-to-be doesn’t get too involved in the planning of the party because, after all, she is going to be the most special guest at the celebration. It must be a special occasion for her as she will get the chance to catch up with her loved ones, hear some pieces of advice, have a good time and bond. Do you want to be a successful hostess? Then plan it out well! And don’t forget about the gifts for the mom-to-be, as they will remain as a great reminder of the day. If you can come up with useful gifts such as colorful knit blankets, plastic baby bottles, weaning suction bowls that will be great, because they will serve for a very long time. Baby will be in need of these products for a long time and mother will be absolutely grateful to have these kinds of cute gifts. Rely on your imagination and you can come up with great wrapping options as well.

Here are the top pro tips that will help you plan the best baby shower party:

Choose a theme

Thinking about choosing generic pink pastel or baby blue theme? Pretty boring and unoriginal idea since almost every single mom-to-be goes for it when throwing their baby shower party. Don’t you want to throw a unique party your best friend? Allow your creativity to explore all the unlimited options that you have, choose a theme that has a personal connection to the mom-to-be as the party will be a lot meaningful for her. You don’t necessarily have to have a theme, but it can help you get more organized as it will be the central base that you can plan around. It will be much easier when planning the menu, decorations, and activities if you have a theme to work with.

Plan the menu

The menu will also depend on factors such as the time of the day that the shower takes place and the theme of the party. for example, if the party takes place before noon, you might plan a brunch as a menu with waffles, sandwiches, croissants, salads, and fruits. Yet, if the baby party is later in the afternoon, the menu could contain more consistent foods such as a barbeque instead of snacks. Yet, you should always consider having a multitude of foods to ensure that all guests will find something to eat that suits their preferences.

Decide on your guest list

The number of guests usually depends on your budget and the available space you have at the location you choose for the celebration and, most importantly, on who the mom-to-be wants to have there for the celebration. Regardless of the fact that the expecting mother doesn’t get too involved in the planning process, when it comes to deciding on the guest list, you have to ask for her opinion to make sure you don’t miss someone who is important to her. Make sure the mommy gives you all important details about her guests such as full names, telephone numbers, mailing addresses, and email addresses. This way you will have everything that you need to start sending invitations and you should start doing so as soon as possible. When sending out invitations, make sure you consider the theme you have chosen for the baby shower and what the mom-to-be would like in terms of design and wording.

Use DIY ideas for decorations

There is a multitude of inspiring decoration ideas for you to consider when planning the baby shower. Usually, the food table is the center of attention in terms of decorations because all guests will spend a lot of time in that area. If you are on a budget and would like to save some money on decorations to buy the mom-to-be a gift or to invest it in something else, the multitude of DIY ideas you can find online got you covered. There are so many things that you can use to create cute and stylish decorations such as flowers, ribbons, or colorful crepe paper.  Look for a ribbon supplier in the uk and buy the number of ribbons that you need to let your creativity prepare stylish decorations.  The decorations usually reflect the theme of the party and sometimes even indicate the sex of the baby if the parents know and want to share this detail with their guests. Decorating the party will transform a simple location into a baby celebration.

Choose a location

Deciding on a location is one of the most important details from the planning process. The choice can be largely affected by how many guests the mom-to-be would like to have, budget, and, surely, her preferences. If she would love to have a more private celebration with her closest friends and family members, the party can take place at your home or the home of the mom-to-be. It will be a private and comfortable celebration that will allow the expecting mother to socialize with her loved ones more easily. Hosting the party at home may, however, require more planning from your side. However, if your friend would prefer for the party to be held at a restaurant or café, things will be a lot easier as you will only have to book a table and you are all set. It is important to ask her what her preferences are and to consider whether you have enough available space and money to accommodate all the guests at the location you choose.

Take advantage of technology

Today, using technology when planning out an event can help you finish all the tasks in no time. You could, for example, use technology for sending invitations by email instead of spending a lot of time and money to print them and mailing each of them to every guest. Also, you can use task planning apps to make sure you stay on top of your tasks and don’t miss anything essential for the party.

Capture the special moments

One of the best gifts you can give to the mom-to-be is to immortalize all those special moments that she is going to experience. You should plan of having a camera available to take plenty of pictures that will remain great memories for the mom to look back at and even for the baby to see one day. As a hostess, you will be pretty busy with ensuring everything goes by the book, so it may be wiser to ask another guest to help you out by taking pictured during the party.



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