Arts Time: How to Make Arts and Crafts Better for Your Kids

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One of the skills that you can teach a child out of school is how to be creative. It actually doesn’t feel like a lesson if you do it right so your kid will not feel like you are forcing them to learn something. It can just be a simple activity where they have fun. Here are a few tips on how you can make your arts and crafts time more enjoyable and rewarding.

Start with the Basic

Always start with the basics. For example, learning to blend markers is a great idea and can create beautiful art, but you should save that for when they know how to mix colors. The big question then what are the basics. For one, there is how to draw. Give your kids colored pencils and teach them basic shapes. After that, move on to colors so that they can fill up those shapes. They can then move on to figures after that.

Besides drawing, there are crafts they will need to learn. Glue, paper, and a pair of safety scissors can go a long way. Colored paper can be cut up into various shapes and then glued on to some paper for simple decorations. Clay can also be of great use since they can mold it into a variety of shapes.

Don’t Work with Erasers

One of the mistakes that you can make when teaching children art is giving them erasers too early. Yes, erasers can be a great help when cleaning up mistakes. But as a child starting out, the aim is creativity. There are no mistakes at this level. Just let them draw what they want and encourage what looks good. If they do make something incomprehensible, praise them still. Do not stifle creativity so that they will love this time.

This is the same reason why you want to mix watercolors on paper and not palettes. This allows them to experiment with colors and play with them.

Use Experiences and Stories

When you are making art, try to incorporate stories into the process. For example, ask them to draw the recent fairy tale you told them. This can help much in integrating arts and crafts into their daily experience. You might also think of planned experiences that they want to do. Your child may want to go to Disneyland, so have them imagine a day at the amusement park in their arts.

Participate in the Process

One of the key things you need to do though is to be part of the process the entire way. Children learn by emulating their elders. Only telling them to do will not work. You have to show them what to do by drawing yourself and by painting yourself. This way, your children will feel that they are doing it right.

Working with your kids to unlock their creativity is a great goal. The tips above should help in making sure that it is easier to teach kids the arts. Developing their creativity early can be a big win for those who want their children to grow up with a strong foundation in being original and creative.



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