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An Indoor Beauty: Growing Sambac Jasmine Plant In A Pot

Have you ever wondered if you could plant and grow fragrant jasmine at home? There are about 200 species of jasmine in the wild, and only two of them can grow in a pot. An evergreen Sambac or Arabian jasmine plant is a great choice for indoors, because of the long blooming period and fragrant flowers. Moreover, it has long stems and can be a great climbing plant. Under optimal conditions, the plant will bloom several times in the year and delight you with beautiful flowers and fragrant aroma. In this article, we’ll give you growing tips for this flowering plant. 


Prepare A Well-Balanced Soil Mixture

You can either buy a well-balanced soil mixture for jasmine in a gardening store or prepare it yourself. The soil has to be well-drained, humus-rich, and have a range of 5.5 to 7.0. To prepare a soil mixture at home, blend garden soil (it would be the base), compost, construction sand, coco peat, a handful of neem cake, and mustard cake powder. 

Choose for your plant a 10 or 12-inch pot. And one tip from us: Jasmine has a fragrant yet rather intense aroma, so it is better not to place a jasmine pot in the bedroom. You should rather put a pot with a flower in a large living room or any other space with enough sunlight. For example, a gaming room where you enjoy playing BetLabel would be nice.

Give Jasmine Indirect Sunlight

A plant that came to us from the subtropics, needs plenty of sunlight. But at the same time, do not forget that direct sunlight can be destructive to the plant. Therefore, find a location with indirect sunlight or use extra grow lights for its glorious growth. Choose the location with the right mix of sunlight and shade. The perfect amount of indirect sunlight for jasmine would be 6-8 hours per day. In summer, it is better to take the indoor jasmine to fresh air: in the garden or on the balcony, while it should be protected from direct sunlight, precipitation, and drafts.

Think Of The Right Temperature

This flowering plant thrives in spaces with an average indoor temperature of 65°F-75°F. If in winter, the room is dry and the temperature gets higher than 75°F, it is necessary to spray the foliage. Do the same on warm summer days and avoid drafts and temperature fluctuations. Therefore, remember to keep your Jasmine away from cooling and heating systems. 

Water Jasmine Regularly

Jasmine likes water, so it is important not to let the soil dry out. But excessive moistening is also not worth it, otherwise, the soil will be soggy, and the roots will rot. Water the soil every 1-2 weeks. In the spring and fall period, water Jasmine three times within 7-8 days.  

Do Regular Pruning And Mulching

To get bush jasmine, it needs to be pruned quite often. In addition, pruning is necessary so that the branches do not become bare, and also pruning has a good effect on flowering, as it promotes the formation of young side shoots on which buds are formed. In spring, before the beginning of intensive growth, cut too long shoots and remove the weak ones, and in early summer is obligatory pinching (removal of buds at the ends of long shoots that have at least 5-8 pairs of leaves).

Use Fertilizer

Use balanced fertilizer on indoor jasmine throughout 2-3 months after potting in the period of active growth. Add mineral and organic fertilizers twice a month. In the fall, it is enough to carry out one use of fertilizer within 30 days with complex mixtures. In winter, only watering and spraying are performed.

Protect Jasmine From Insect Pests

Jasmine is quite unpretentious and feels comfortable in any room conditions, but sometimes it suffers from dangerous insect pests, such as red spider mites and whiteflies. If you find an infestation, apply a soap solution made of laundry soap on all parts of the plant. You can also buy a special mixture to fight insects in stores. 

As you can see, taking care of jasmine isn’t a big thing. You just have to create a perfect environment and follow some basic tips. Then this beautiful plant will not only decorate the home but also fill the rooms with a unique smell, creating a positive mood for the day.


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6 thoughts on “An Indoor Beauty: Growing Sambac Jasmine Plant In A Pot

  • Happy to know that we can grow Jasmine in a pot. I love how it smells and it would be a good one to have it at home. Thank you for sharing the tips. Appreciate it.

  • Growing a plant inside your house will look your house refreshing and clean and I can say that this plant is amazing and can be added to my interior.

  • Growing a plant inside your house will look your house refreshing and clean and I can say that this plant is amazing and can be added to my interior.

  • When I bring plants home they scream because they know they don’t have long for this world. But now, with your tips, perhaps I can make this plant grow.

  • Sambac Jasmine is a beautiful note in perfumes. One of my favorite to smell. I bet it would be lovely to grow my own.

  • This guide is a treasure trove of tips and insights for cultivating this stunning plant. Can’t wait to add a touch of elegance to my home with your expert advice!


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