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Advancements in Hearing Aid Technology.

Hearing aid devices have been around for a long time. While this technology was cumbersome in its early years, advancements in hearing aid technology have come a long way. Many of the concerns that you may have had over hearing aids, or many of the myths you may have heard, are nearly extinct. Over the past 25 years or more, hearing aids have become quieter, smaller and more comfortable to wear.

Small and Subtle

One of the biggest problems that people had with hearing aids was how noticeable they were. This often made the person who wore them feel frail or old. However, companies like Miracle Ear have worked hard to ensure that their hearing aids are nearly invisible. After all, these devices are designed to help people solve a problem, not create a new one.

Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Hearing

One myth that began a long time ago is that people only need one hearing aid. However, doing this creates a problem for the connection between your ear and brain. Using just one hearing aid forces the body to rehabilitate or retrain itself into learning to hear again. While using just one hearing aid might help people understand some words better, using two is much healthier because it will help you hear sounds the way they were intended to be heard.

No More Squeaking

Early in the life of hearing aid devices, there was a huge problem with picking up feedback that the user didn’t want to hear. For example, this was a common problem when hair would touch the device or someone would hug you. It would cause a notable squeaking noise in the hearing aid device. Now, units are equipped with feedback cancellation. The units are not only less noticeable, but they have gotten to the point where they are nearly feedback-free.

Days of Replacing Batteries Are Gone

When hearing aids first came out, changing the batteries could be a real pain. In some cases, it was necessary to take the unit to a professional to have them do it. Since then, hearing aids have been given new power options, including rechargeable batteries that you can plug into your wall at night while you sleep and have a fully charged unit in the morning. You will never have to worry about replacing your hearing aid batteries again.

A Perfect Fit

Not only has the technology inside hearing aids changed, but the look and form of the units have changed as well. Old hearing aids were big, bulky and very rarely fit in people’s ears. Since the technology inside these units has gotten smaller, the device itself has too. This allows companies to design hearing aids of different sizes and shapes to ensure that everyone can find one that fits their uniquely shaped ear.

Using a hearing aid doesn’t have to feel like a burden anymore. Advances in technology have made it possible for people to hear better and feel comfortable at the same time. As technology continues to improve, so will hearing aids. You can count on hearing aids to keep you in conversations for years to come.


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