How to Achieve a Modern Feel in Your Décor.

We’re living in an age where everything seems to move at light speed. When you invite people into your home or business, it’s all about first impressions. Be sure to keep the décor up to date by creating a modern feel. There is no set playbook to achieve this outcome, but there are many easy tricks to help you that don’t take years to master. Follow these simple tips to help bring your home’s décor up to speed.

Find Your Style

If you’re planning to do some revamping, it’s very important to have a vision before you get started. Remember to add a personal touch. Sketch out some of your ideas to see what really resonates. Think of this as a foundation for creating a unique, quirky, and rule-defying masterpiece. When you’re putting together this blueprint, go crazy while brainstorming and think outside the box. There will be plenty of time to rein it in later. Most importantly, have fun with it!

Open Space

Having open space is important in creating an inviting atmosphere, and a hallmark of the modern style. An open floor plan is also a great way to showcase your décor. The more space you have, the bigger canvass you have to work with. Compliment the entire area by keeping the flow of traffic open.

Choosing the Right Furniture

One of the keys to achieving a modern feel is selecting the right furniture. Make sure your selection matches up with your theme and vision. Modern doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort. Maintaining clean lines is essential for a modern aesthetic, but a plush couch or leathercraft sofa can offer that tailored vibe without ruining the theme of the space.

Hanging Artwork

Now that you have your furniture and style envisioned, it’s time to hang some artwork with the colors and accents to meld with the rest of the décor. Think outside the box when choosing your artwork. When it comes to hanging your pieces, finding the perfect height is very important. Take into account the height of your walls, but also keep in mind it must coincide with the human scale, not the structure’s scale. Your décor should be thought out and positioned to work well with the architectural detail of your home or office.


Let’s face it, there’s no stopping technology and its influence over society. Using technology in modern décor is a great way to update your home and incorporate a new touch. However, you must be sure to position it correctly. Electronics should work naturally with the space in your home to avoid looking overwhelming. Embrace the digital age!

Don’t be Afraid to Go Traditional

Traditional décor is about creating unity. With close attention to detail, create unique character in your space with formal art and furniture. For example, when you’re going for a new traditional look, arrange a series of pieces to appear as one big mass. Don’t be afraid to go large to add personality to a room.

Have Designated Focal Points

When you’re creating your vision, choose something to be the front and center of the room. This should be the anchor pulling the area together. The focal point should be dramatic but not over-the-top. Classic examples would be a decorative mantelpiece above a fireplace or a gigantic, intricate painting. This is a great opportunity to be creative and give the area a personal touch!


Any interior decorator or designer will tell you that lighting is crucial in creating the mood in a room. Choose elegant, creative lighting fixtures to bring you home or office into the present. Although choosing the proper lighting to give substance to your décor is important, be sure to focus on the design of the light fixture itself to add to the mix. This will give your home or office more focal points and individuality.

Solid Colors

Select your colors last. This way you will be able to match up you scheme perfectly with the rest of the décor. Color is important in giving character to a room. Stick with a neutral color scheme. Neutral colors will help to showcase you furnishings and textures. Neutral works with almost any style and makes any room feel welcoming and warm.

Consider these tips to change up your décor to give it a modern feel!




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