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A Guide to Making Your Home’s Walls Look Good

Your walls contribute a lot to the overall appearance of a room. Although you might believe that there is not much that you can do with your walls, this is not the case, and there are many ways to make your walls look incredible and ensure that they are the standout feature in any room that you are redecorating. Here is a guide that can help you to make your walls look good in 2024.


    · Paint Them in a Rich Color

Whether you want your rooms to look classic and elegant or vivid and funky, you should try to find a rich paint color that can complement the size and position of the room in question. Not only should you be careful about the paint color you choose, but you should also read up on the paint you are buying, and try to avoid trade paints that can be of a lesser quality or might even be runnier and thinner than high-quality alternatives. It is also vital to think about whether you want matte or gloss paint, with matte being the most common option for rooms beyond the skirting and doors. Once you have found the right paint for these walls, you need to be careful to paint it evenly, and you might need to give it a few coats before the previous paint color is covered and before you have succeeded in achieving the stunning finish that you are looking for.

    · Paper Your Walls Correctly

However, not everyone likes paint, and if you are looking for an alternative that can allow you to add patterns to your walls, you might consider applying wallpaper to them. You do not have to put wallpaper on every wall, though; you might simply add it to a feature wall. If you are planning to put this paper on your walls yourself, though, you need to be careful that you plaster the wallpaper on without any bumps or crinkles and that you know the best techniques for wallpapering around sockets and switches, or else you might find that the overall impact is diminished and that you are unable to achieve the look that you are going for. You might even find that you must scrap your wallpaper entirely and start over again. When you are using wallpaper, it is important to be aware that this can be difficult to strip off if you want to paint your walls in the future, and, once you start using wallpaper, it might be easier to stick with it.

    · Add Wall Art

You might still believe that something is missing from your walls once you have painted or wallpapered them. If they look bare, you should consider purchasing high-quality wall art that can make your walls interesting and act as a conversation starter among any guests you have. For instance, you might decide to opt for an artwork or a print that you love, or you might invest in a hanging or a tapestry, which can look particularly perfect in historic or older homes. You do not have to pay out a lot for this artwork, though, and you might be able to pick up a steal at your local antique centers. An alternative to wall art is to print off and frame pictures of your loved ones, vacations, and places that mean a lot to you, as this will give you a reason to smile whenever you look at your walls.

    · Think About a Mural

If you want to theme your room, or if you are designing a child’s bedroom, you might also consider adding a mural to your walls, as these can make your walls extra beautiful and add a little bit of fun to their design. These murals can be in the form of stickers that you can easily apply wherever you or your child wants them to go, or, if you are creative yourself, you might decide to paint a mural on your wall. Although it can be nerve-wracking to have a go at painting intricate designs on your walls, this could be an exciting project that you will be proud of once you are left with the finished product.

If you are fed up with seeing the same old boring walls in everybody’s houses, you should make yours a little different by adding a mural, choosing bright and fun wallpaper, or thinking carefully about the huge variety of paint colors that are out there.



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