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With the turn of the year, we banish a very specific color from our home. And not only to match their interior with the colors of PlayAmo login.

In line with the start of the new year, many people also want to give their own four walls a new coat of paint. The choice of color is usually a matter of taste – but there is one exception! Because with a very specific color, all your alarm bells should ring in 2023, if you want to prove a little interior flair!


Your home should be your retreat and your absolute oasis of well-being. An important factor for the atmosphere in your home are the colors in which the walls are painted, and the decorative pieces are selected. If the interior consists exclusively of bright, flashy colors, this look could quickly become too much for you – on the other hand, only dark, muted tones can quickly make you bored. However, you should definitely keep your hands off the color gray this year. The dreary tone causes a bad mood and a dull ambience – something we absolutely cannot use in our home! While gray decorative elements were still hip and considered high-quality a while ago, they now look like they’ve fallen out of time. We’re in the mood for more positive vibes!


You’ll be less mopey with more jaunty colors. For example, especially in the remaining winter months, try to go for good mood tones such as green or terracotta. The more houseplants decorate your living room, the better! Intense colors such as yellow or red should only be used sporadically – although they are still better than gray, they can quickly lead to overstimulation of your eyes. So, it’s best to use these colors only for small decorative accents.


Plants are what really make a room feel homey. Every room can use a little green – or should we rather say “Viva Magenta”? It’s not just our clothes, furniture and walls that are being upgraded with the trend color this year, but also our houseplants. In 2023, the gaudy red-pink mix, which was named “Color of the Year” by the Pantone Color Institute, will be seen everywhere. We show you the most beautiful plants with which you can give your home a stylish and trendy color accent.

  1. variegated root

Also known as variegated leaf, elephant ear, or caladium, variegated hellebore comes in several colors. Caladium “Valentina” has striking red leaves with dark green veins, but Caladium “White Queen” is also a beautiful houseplant. The latter has whitish leaves with green edges, and the leaf veins are bright pink color.

  1. mosaic plant

Mosaic plants (Fittonia) of the varieties “Red Anne” and “Pearcei” bear green-red leaves. The special feature: The veins of the leaves are colored and not the spaces in between, as in most other colorful houseplants. This makes them a unique eye-catcher in any room.

  1. club lily

The club lily is originally from Australia and New Zealand, but has now become a popular houseplant in this country. Its varieties “Red Star” (Cordyline australis) or “Tango” (Cordyline fruticosa) delight with palm-like, red to pink leaves and are very easy to care for. The perfect houseplant for beginners!

No matter what color you prefer, make sure before that it matches your interior. Some colors are hard to overpaint and might stick for longer than you would prefer. Take your time to make such a decision and then go get started! Best day to start is today.


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