7 Tips to Ensure Your Safety While Driving

Driving a car allows you to get to and from work and do daily errands. It also gives you the freedom to see our beautiful country and to enjoy the good things in life. However, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were almost 41,000 deaths due to motor vehicle accidents in 2023 alone. Review these tips for safe driving to reduce your car accident risk.


1. Wear a Seat Belt

Wearing a seatbelt should be a reflex action for any driver. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over 50% of deaths from traffic accidents occur with people who weren’t using their seat belts. That statistic becomes even scarier for younger victims; 70% of those who died in a motor vehicle crash weren’t wearing a seat belt.

2. Don’t Drive Under the Influence

The CDC states that more than 18 million drivers admitted to having driven while using drugs or alcohol in 2020, with close to 1,300,000 of those drivers being underage. Commit yourself and your passengers to never getting behind the wheel of a car when you have had too much to drink. According to Nationwide, alcohol makes your reflexes slower and dulls your mental sharpness enough to impair your ability to drive your vehicle safely; even “buzzed” driving can be as risky as drunk driving.

3. Stay Alert Behind the Wheel

Being tired can be dangerous to your ability to drive safely. For example, driver fatigue is the cause of about 30% of all commercial truck accidents. We Save Lives reports that drowsy driving can be as dangerous as drunk driving. If you recognize that you’re feeling sleepy, protect yourself and pull into a safe place.

4. Maintain a Safe Speed

Road Warrior states that increasing your crosstown speed by 10% will save you only a few minutes but raise your risk of a car accident by 50%. Plus, for each mile per hour you drive, your risk of an accident is 4-5% higher. A road’s speed limits take the terrain and its predicted traffic pattern into consideration. If you need to be someplace quickly, the safest thing to do is to leave early.

5. Keep a Safe Distance

There are many reasons you might need to stop your car unexpectedly. According to Road Warrior, you should keep a three-second distance between you and the vehicle in front of you; double that distance if you’re driving in bad weather. Driving too close is called tailgating, and it’s not worth the risk.

6. Be Cautious During Bad Weather

When the weather is terrible, follow all the regular drivers’ precautions and take them to their highest degree. Always use headlights when your wipers are in use. If you can’t see the road ahead of you, pull over to the side of the road. Your speed in a storm may need to be slower, but it’s better to arrive late than not to arrive at all.

7. Set Your Radio and GPS Before You Start

Statista reports that the market for navigational devices and services was worth $1.87 million in 2023. If you don’t have a GPS, treat yourself to one. Set your GPS before you leave so you don’t have to fiddle with it on the road. To avoid another preventable distraction, set your radio station or connected music from your phone before you pull away.

Once you get behind the wheel, your goal should always be to get yourself and your family to your next destination. Obey basic safety regulations, use your seat belt, and don’t drive if you can’t give it 100% of your attention. Here’s hoping all your rides will be safe ones!


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15 thoughts on “7 Tips to Ensure Your Safety While Driving

  • These are all must-dos when driving. When we go on long road trips, I always check and make sure my husband is still good to go. 🙂

  • These are excellent reminders! My daughter is going to be getting her license and I’ll be sure to tell her these things before she sets out on the road.

  • Fantastic tips! Emphasizing seatbelt use and staying alert can truly save lives. Thanks for sharing these essential safety reminders 🙂.

  • great tips.. and i always ensure that when i am the passenger in the front seat, i stay awake to help the driver too

  • These are all good reminders of staying safe on the road. My daughter is getting her license soon and these are points she should be keeping in mind.

  • I’ll definitely be more mindful about seat belts, staying alert, and avoiding distractions. It’s alarming to hear the statistics, but your advice is incredibly valuable.

  • I wish everyone would maintain a safe distance. I have a teen driving now and when he tries to create the safe distance, someone always jumps into that open space making for a crowded bumper to bumper experience he’s not at all comfortable with.

  • Many of these tips have been drilled into all of us for so long. But I find number 7 in your list so very important as nowadays with all the fancy smart functions in the car the attention is too easily diverted from the road!

  • These tips are really important when you are driving. We cannot tell when will be our time in a car accident so we must follow all of these tips to be safe and prevent it all.

  • Yes to setting your GPS before you leave. I do hate it when my husband uses his phone when driving.

  • These tips are essential for ensuring safety on the road! Wearing seat belts, avoiding driving under the influence, and staying alert are crucial. Thanks for sharing these valuable safety guidelines!

  • I always keep a safe distance when driving because I don’t like slamming on the breaks! Setting your GPS before your trip is a great idea!

  • These are very important tips that you shared. It is so important to be alert as we as drivers have seen many careless drivers not following the rules of the road. Thanks for sharing this great advice.

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  • This is all sound advice and thing I always ensure that I do when I drive. It’s so important to be alert as there seem to be more and more dangerous drivers on the road so you need to spot drivers to be careful of fast.


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